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Sultan Agung Movie’ Actors Must be Qualified

Soloevent.idSultan Agung: Tahta, Perjuangan, dan Cinta Movie is a colossal drama by Hanung Bramantyo. This movie tells the story of the life of Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo, one of the great kings of the Mataram Kingdom.

The selection of actors / actresses is tight. Mooryati Soedibyo as executive producer wants the right figure to play every role in the film. Hanung then executed it by choosing talented Indonesian actors.




Here is a row of players involved in Sultan Agung: Tahta, Perjuangan, dan Cinta Movie;

Marthino Lio acts as Raden Mas Rangsang. He was the young king of Mataram, Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo.

Ario Bayu played the role of Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo, leader of the Kingdom of Mataram in the 16th century.

Princess Marino acted as Lembayung when she was young, a friend of a hermitage with Raden Mas Rangsang. Lembayung is the daughter of a dalang, Ki Lurah Sudar, in the Jejer Padepokan.

Adinia Wirasti acted as Lembayung when the adults who fought against the VOC. He also sought out his brother, Seto, who had been part of the VOC.

Anindya Putri acts as Ratu Batang, the wife of Sultan Agung Hanyakrokusumo.

Lukman Sardi served as Notoprojo, the uncle of Sultan Agung Hanyakrokusumo who became a traitor to the Mataram Kingdom.

Asmara Abigail played the role of Roro Untari, the spy of the Mataram Kingdom who was sent to Batavia to spy on the VOC’s movements.

Deddy Sutomo acts as Ki Jejer. Ki Jejer is a teacher from Lembayung, Raden Mas Rangsang, Kelana, and other students at Padepokan Ki Jejer.

Haru Sandra Harindra plays Kelana Muda, one of the students at Padepokan Ki Jejer with Raden Mas Rangsang.

Teuku Rifnu Wikana played the adult role.

Hans de Kraker played the role of Jan Pieterszoon Coen, leader of the VOC.


There were a number of senior players who were also involved, including Christine Hakim as G.R Banowati, Meriam Bellina as G.R Tulungayu, Landung Simatupang as the royal elder who persuaded Raden Mas Rangsang.

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