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Babe Cabita Funny Moments on Kapal Goyang Kapten

Soloevent.id – Kapal Goyang Kapten will release in this September. Directed by Raymond Handaya and produced by Mega Pilar Pictures, this movie takes a shoot in Eastern Indonesia, Ambon and Kei Islands located in the Southeast Maluku.

This movie features actors of all generation. Mathias Muchus is the senior. He played as Pak Sentot who was marooned ten years on the Kei Island.

The 62-year-old actor tells his character is a shipwrecked man. “To penetrate it, I always am alone and mourn,” he explained jokingly on Tuesday (03/09/2019).

To connect the character with Babe Cabita (Gom Gom), Ge Pamungkas (Daniel), Yuki Kato (Tiara), Naomi Papilaya (Salma), and other players, Mathias Muchus often hang out with them.

Many things happened during the shooting process in 18 days. Babe Cabita is one of them. The local community thinks that he was a native tho. There is also a misunderstanding too. The local community took seriously in conflict scene.

“The native people just don’t know how the shooting process is. When I was angry (on the scene) so they think it was real,” explained Babe.

FYI, the player and director of Kapal Goyang Kapten held a meet and greet at Solo Grand Mall. Solo includes in roadshows series of Kapal Goyang Kapten.

Kapal Goyang Kapten will be in theaters on September 5, 2019.

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