How Does Ramadan Manage Someone’ Patience?

212 – For Oji Fahrurrazi, Ramadan is time to endure patience. The blessed month was also the place for physical and spiritual cultivation. He believes fasting is good for health.

“For me, this Ramadan is meaningful and has always been a moment that I have been waiting for every year where we have a lot of charity and a lot of worship,” said the General Manager of the Best Western Premier Solo Baru when met by Soloevent.

Ramadan is also momentum for men born in September 1971 to improve themselves to be better from year to year.

No doubt, Ramadan is a month full of memories. Oji is no exception. One unforgettable experience is when he celebrated Ramadan in his hometown on Lombok. After breaking the fast then followed by Tarawih prayer, little Oji always spends time with his village friends. Their favorite game is gobak sodor. “It’s very impressive,” he said.

When in Lombok, Oji and family gather together at the end of Ramadan. They then went to the tomb to clean up and ended with breaking the fast together. However, because now he migrated to Solo, men who like compote and sweet iced tea as an iftar meal can only enjoy the tradition by looking at the photos uploaded in the family chat group.