SIPA Mascot 2019: Elizabeth Sudira Will Dance

331 – This year will be different for Elizabeth Sudira. This Rindu Solo singer also Princess Solo 2010 is appointed as the mascot of SIPA 2019.

As the SIPA mascot, Eliz also presents her work on stage. During a press conference at Ndalem Mloyokusuman on Monday (6/17/2019), she will bring her new song Sukaria for SIPA.

The song wrapped in electronic dance, classical electronics, and ethnic music will be delivered live for the first time on the first day of SIPA 2019. Eliz said that the song really depicts SIPA.

She will dance tho. It requests from the Director of Solo International Performing Arts Irawati Kusumorasri.

For the first time, Elizabeth Sudira will involve the audience as a choir in her performance.

“So far we amazed by the presentation in the SIPA. However, many of us do not understand what the artwork wants to convey. By becoming the mascot of SIPA this year, it is an opportunity for me to communicate this event in a modern way and understandable to the community, especially the younger generation,” Eliz added.

SIPA 2019 will hold at Vastenburg Fortress, on September 5-7. SIPA 2019 will also feature artworks from domestic and foreign.