Bank Mandiri Shares Prizes in the Klewer Market

702 – Welcoming Ramadan 1439 Hijriah, Bank Mandiri KCP Solo Pasar Klewer held Mandiri Lebaran Bawa Untung for two days, Wednesday-Thursday (16-17 / 5/2018).

This program involves visitors and traders of the Klewer Market. For visitors or traders who using Mandiri EDC (electronic data capture) machines or clearing and RTGS, they get prizes from Bank Mandiri, such as umbrellas, mugs, wall clocks, e-Money vouchers, and more.

“We are approaching at the beginning of Ramadan because many people shop at Klewer Market,” explained the Head of Bank Mandiri Solo Area, Linda Permatasari. Every month in Ramadan, Bank Mandiri often conducts similar activities in the Klewer Market.

Not only that, this event is expected to further introduce and bring closer Bank Mandiri KCP Solo Pasar Klewer to traders and visitors. Linda said, after the Klewer Market was built again after the fire, some traders did not know that there was a Mandiri branch office in Klewer.

“We inform that Bank Mandiri is still in the Klewer Market. Our office in Klewer Market is facilitated by tellers and ATMs. So this can facilitate traders and visitors, “explained Linda.

In addition to building closeness with Klewer Market traders through Mandiri Lebaran Bawa Untung, Bank Mandiri Solo also routinely holds bigger and more luxurious Mandiri Dagang Untung auction events.