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Dua Garis Biru: Brings the Taboo Up

Soloevent.id – Sex education is two words many Indonesian are almost too afraid to say out loud. But, Dua Garis Biru breaks it.

Director of Dua Garis Biru Gina S Noer revealed that this movie illustrates of understanding and learning about many things. “Starting from family relationships, consequences and responsibilities for actions taken, and understanding the importance of sexual education from an early age,” she explained during a press conference at The Park Mall on Wednesday (07/10/2019).

Dua Garis Biru tells the story of the high school Lovely-Dovey couple named Bima (Angga Aldi Yunanda) and Dara (Zara JKT48). Both of them decide it is time for them to experience sex. Of course, she gets pregnant. Then, the problems are blown up.

One of the casts, Zara JKT48, said that sex education is important for teenage to live in this world. “I usually talk to my friends. FYI, it can be dangerous. Through this movie I learn what should do,” she said.

Gina hopes that films targeting young people can lead to positive discussions.

Cut Mini, Lulu Tobing, Dwi Sasono, Misya Kana, Rachel Amanda, Bintang Emon, Lidwina Hananto, Rahma Alia, Irgi Fahrezi, Cindy JKT48, Shakira Jasmine, Rafil Prasetya, and others also star. The movie airs in theaters on July 11, 2019.


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