Who Is My Little Pony? Come to The Park Mall Please!


Soloevent.id – Are you that Pony? Which character do you love? If you miss them, just come to The Park Mall. This mall has collaboration with Hasbro and Kidz Station to call this cute little pony on 19 June -7 July 2019 at Atrium the Park Mall.

This “My Little Pony: The Magic of Dream” will bring you to the amusement feeling accompany by your family in this long holiday.

Some activities that will light your day are Playdoh Competition, Jenga Competition, Performance Ballet, Perfume Maker, Hip Hop Dance, Fashion Show Competition. You also can keep your My Little Pony-The Magic of Dream memories at the photo booth.

In a press conference at The Park Mall, on Friday (21/6/2019), Area Manager MAP Joko Wantoyo said that it can inspire people to reach their dream.

My Little Pony is an animation series that have cute characters, such as Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Flutter Sky, and Apple Jack. This animation is remaking from the 1983 show.

This is adapted from the toys created by Hasbro, the biggest toys factory in the US which also produce Transformers, Play-Doh, and Monopoly.