Tuty Adib: The Opportunity Knocks the Door


Soloevent.id – You are all too familiar to Tuty Adib. The designer born in Solo, April 5, 1969, had a passion for designing elegant Muslim dresses. Since 2000, she has run Bilqis, her own brand. The brand managed to break the national market.

She has just released a scarf inspired by the richness of the archipelago. This value highly products.

To welcome Ramadan 1440 H, Tuty had a work entitled Dazzling Ramadan. In this theme, the scarves have a pastel color. There is also a khirma veil, better known as a syar’ i veil.

As a Muslim fashion designer, she thinks more seriously about the concept of modernizing Muslim fashion wear. It is not tight and does not show curves. Although carrying the syar’ i concept, she wanted Muslim girls to feel accepted, confident, and fashionable without fear of violating the guidelines.

She always works hard for her carrier. So she can go to the grand fashion show, Indonesia Fashion Week last March 2019. She brought themed “Gonjong Limo” Payakumbuh City, West Sumatra. Gonjong Limo Relief was cultivated into a motif on the long woven fabric of Payakumbuh. Also, in the past two years, Tuti has worked with the Payakumbuh government to provide training in the fashion industry.

Her works set her forth to New York Fashion Week this September. Tuty will display works inspired by Payakumbuh fabric. Previously, her work was shown at London Fashion Week in 2018.

In 2017, Tuty had a chance to take care of the wedding dress for Indonesia President Joko Widodo’ daughter, Kahiyang Ayu.

Even she still has a job during this Ramadan, she also can join to the religious event for this blessed month, “So far I can relate between work and social life,” she said to Soloevent.

For Tuty Adib, Ramadan is a place for self-introspection and to make a friend.