Mas Hansol at SIPA 2019?

1064 – Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) 2019 officially begins. The opening holds on Thursday (5/9/2019) at Fort Vastenburg. The performances by national and international artists will entertain the audience.

The Deputy Mayor of Surakarta Achmad Purnomo, Expert Minister of Tourism in the Field of Management of the Ministry of Tourism Esthy Reko Astuty, and South Korean Ambassador to Indonesia H. E. Mr. Kim Chang Beom also attend this event.

In the opening ceremony, the audience was so excited because of Hansol on stage. Wearing blue shirts and trousers, his fans already waiting for him were going crazy. The South Korean YouTuber, who is well in Javanese, opened the SIPA 2019 event. Hansol and officials start SIPA 2019 with traditional musical instruments.

“I thank all parties who have supported this event. It is an honor for SIPA to have guests from the South Korean Embassy,” said Irawati Kusumorasri, Director of SIPA.

Then it continued with the opening of 2019 SIPA mascot Elizabeth Sudira who collaborated with Semarak Candra Kirana. Eliz sang her new song, Sukaria that dedicated to SIPA. Putri Solo II in 2010 also brought her booming debut single, Rindu Solo. Eliz appeared on a stretcher.

Six delegates appeared on the first day, Solo; South Korea; Kampar, Riau; Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan; Taiwan; and Jakarta.

This year, SIPA carries the theme Arts as a Social Action. The theme means adapts to social issues.

In SIPA 2019 also provides a culinary bazaar. Those who like South Korean culture, can also stop by the Korean Cultural Center Indonesia stand. At the booth, you can take pictures while wearing a Hanbook, learn the Hangul script, play traditional games, and taste Korean food.

SIPA 2019 holds until Saturday (7/9/2019) at Vastenburg Fortress.