Brings Up Online Business with the Master at Kumpul Kamu

281 – Nowadays, online shopping is so vast. It needs a small cost but give you a big amount of cash.

In Kumpul Kamu, Prambors Solo discovers an online business with Solo influencer, Widya Sesarika. This hijab woman is the owner of Steddystore and Shopwithsesa. It was guided by one of the Prambors Solo radio, Adia Prabowo.

At the event, Sesa told of her online business. “I started doing business since 2011, precisely when I was in the third semester. At that time, Crocs shoes were booming. Well, at first I sold it to get money,” she said.

It was not easy for her. She faced many obstacles, such as bad comments about her products until the emergence of online business competition. Then, Sesa decided to make her own brand, Steddystore. It was a knitwear product.

Then, she also opens Shopwitsesa, which served the entrusted business services. “I like traveling and like shopping but do not want to be consumptive. So, I open entrusted goods services,” said the alumnus of Accounting UNS Surakarta on Friday (05/24/2019) in the Violan 4 Best Western Premier Solo New Room.

Here, Sesa also gives tips on how to start an online business. “Just start, intent, consistent and take responsibility for you who want to start with,” she explained.

Prambors Kumpul Kamu is a gathering event for Prambors radio listeners. It aims to make a good relationship.