24 Jam Menari: We Are One


Soloevent.id – Art is universal, that means art can be carried out by anyone, with no exception. This time, 24 Jam Menari show features students with disabilities. They performed a work entitled “Kami Tak Berbeda” in Pendapa Ageng ISI Surakarta, on Monday (4/29/2019).

The event was opened by the Minister of Social Affairs who was represented by the Secretary of the Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation, Kanya Eka Santi, “This event will change the people perception of persons with disabilities,” she explained.

The dancers performed so enthusiasm, compactness, and cheerfulness. The trainer gives instructions through hand movements from the front and side of the stage. The show ended with a poetry reading by one of the students.

Disability dancer coach, Jonet Sri Kuncoro, said it took three months to train them. “I had assisted by several teachers in their respective schools. “Kami Tak Berbeda” Dance is a form of proof that children with disabilities can perform dances like everyone. They do it happily, some of them are gifted to dance,” said the Dance lecturer in the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI).

There were 28 students who participated. They came from three schools, Autism Foundation Bina Asih (Surakarta), SLB B-C Hamong Putro (Sukoharjo) and Disability SLB N (Karanganyar). The dancers have cognitive disabilities, hard of hearing, hard of speaking, and hard of walking.

Jonet, who has studied sign language since 2004, has the initiative to invite children with disabilities to collaborate. “This is my third work,” he said after the appearance.

“Kami Tak Berbeda” is one of the many offerings at the 24 Jam Menari 2019. This year there are around 600 types of dances performed by 191 dance groups from inside and outside the country.

24 Jam Menari has a trademark, which is the appearance of a 24-hour dance. In this thirteenth edition, there are six people who dance for 24 hours nonstop. They are I Nyoman Agus Triyuda (Bali), Pulung Jati Rangga Murti (Yogyakarta), Arbi Nuralamsyah (Sukabumi); Abib Habibi Igal (Banjarmasin), Darmasti and Sri Hadi (Surakarta).

The event was held on 29-30 April 2019 by ISI Surakarta. The stage was spread over six locations, ISI Surakarta Rector’s yard, Pendhapa Ageng, Small Theater, Big Theater, the Great Theater page, and the Ship Theater.