Celebrate Batik Day, Ndalem Gondosuli in Action


Soloevent.id – As one of the most valuable parts of Indonesia’s cultural heritage, Ndalem Gondosuli will hold a competition titled Ndalem Gondosuli Batik Week, Saturday-Sunday (28-29 / 9/2019) to commemorate the Batik Day.

More than 550 participants from Kindergarten to High School are join this event. “It is free, so the number of participants is overlapping. Today [Thursday] the registration is closed,” explained the Chairman of the Ndalem Gondusuli Batik Week 2 M. Rudianto at a press conference on Thursday (9/26/2019).

The competition for each level is different. Kindergartens and elementary schools will color the fabric with a complicated pattern. The Middle and High school students are going to make batik. Raising themed The Culture for Future, they will draw on paper then copy into fabrics. Here, the high school students divided into groups (consists of two people) and should the batik process is until coloring.

The student has competition in designing batik motifs. Participants are required to make batik designs on paper media then finished using black ink. The design must be original and following the theme. “Here we want to make new batik motifs based on imagination,” said Rudianto.

The aspects assessed are ideas (theme suitability), creativity (uniqueness and creativity), harmony (the composition of shapes and colors), as well as motorics and finishing (neatness and cleanliness, specifically kindergarten and elementary school). The jury came from practitioners and academics as well as the Ndalem Gondosuli design team.

Participants compete for the Central Java Governor Cup. The awarding of the trophy and prize will take place on October 1 at Ndalem Gondosuli.

Rudianto explained that Ndalem Gondosuli Batik Week held to celebrate National Batik Day. This event is a place to express creativity and to bring young people closer together with batik.