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Hartono Mall “Extreme” Sate Festival

Soloevent.id – The usual chicken or lamb satay is nothing, but how about a horse or cobra satay? These extreme culinary are in the Sate Festival and the Old Snacks at Hartono Mall Solo Baru on Tuesday-Sunday (1-6 / 10/2019).

The horse satay by the Raga Giras Horse Satay is from Bekonang, Sukoharjo, owned by Is Supriyati. She said horse satay is in high demand because it can cure several diseases, such as vertigo, asthma, and diabetes. Besides, horse meat can increase male vitality.

Another extreme menu is Danang Sudarwanto’s cobra satay. The man from Sukoharjo admitted that he had been selling cobra satay for nine years. He explained that cobra satay has many benefits, including healing itching, asthma, kidney, and liver. Danang also had four stalls scattered in the Solo and Sukoharjo.

Marketing Communication Hartono Mall Baru Baru, Elfizia Carina, explained the Sate Festival has 30 tenants to serve a variety of traditional satay and hawker menus. The menus are taichan satay, octopus satay, fish satay, and Padang satay.

This event is a form of participation of Hartono Mall Solo Baru in the Wonderful Indonesia Culinary and Shopping Festival (WICSF) in October 2019.



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