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Enjoy the Cup of Tea at Alila Hotel Solo

Soloevent.id – Indonesia as one of the 10 largest tea producers in the world, it has plantations spread throughout the archipelago. Tea was introduced in Indonesia in the Dutch colonial era, until later this plant was cultivated. The tradition of drinking tea began to develop in Indonesia, each region has its own unique way of presenting it.

Indonesia knows the tradition of drinking tea from morning to late at night (all the time) in rest of their life. The method of mixing is also varied, called professional or jayengan (the art of making a mixture of various teas).

Alila Solo collaborates with Savis Tea to present The Lounge, a place to taste tea with both contemporary and nostalgic concepts. By carrying out the concept of “Presenting Exotic Indonesian Taste to International Palate”, The Lounge by Savis Tea offers various types of white tea, black tea, green tea, and premium grade oolong tea in modern display.

You can enjoy tea in a modern way on the launch of The Lounge by Savis Tea, on Saturday (03/23/2019) at Alila Lobby Hotel. In the opening ceremony, The Lounge invited the Master Mixologist from Jakarta to present a blend of local spices into a contemporary concoction and blue concoction from natural ingredients which is characteristic of Savis Tea, namely Bunaken Blue Tea.

In the concept of “Authentic Indonesian Afternoon Tea”, The Lounge presents Indonesian signature series such as Sekar Kedhaton, Krampoel Tea, Pandanus Green Tea or Java Ginger combined with typical Solo snacks. To tastes of modern international tastes, Contemporary Tea is served with a choice of Savis Classic International tea series such as English Breakfast, Earl Gray, and Silvertips with international food pairing.

On the show, there was a special performance from singer Elizabeth Sudira. The singer of “Rindu Solo” will become a storyteller and will be sharing Rindu Solo merchandise.

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