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Ten Traditional Games that Always Be Missed

Soloevent.id – Indonesia has many traditional games, especially in Central Java. Soloevent will remind you with the old games. Which one that have you played?


Engklek became one of the popular traditional games in Central Java. This game is not coming from Indonesia. Engklek has been around since the Roman Empire.

It called Engklek because the player must jump using one leg. This traditional game can be played everywhere. How to play it is simple, just make pattern on the ground using chalk. Each player takes a stone and throws it into a box. Players must jump into the box by lifting one leg without touching the line. Players are defeated if they fall or jump with both feet.

In West Java this game is known as tepok gunung. It’s not just a games, Engklek can also train physically, balance, agility, and intelligence.




Stilts are traditional games that are often played especially for the Indonesia Independence’s race. It is not known where it came from, but since ancient times this game has been popular in Indonesia.

The game is unique because the player must stand between two long bamboo. Players will run using it without falling. Through stilts, players are trained to work hard, keep maintaining balance, and sportsmanship.




This traditional game is often sold in Sekaten. This toy is created by the Malay people from bamboo. The way to play a top is very simple, which is by wrapping the rope at the end of the top cone then throwing it down until the rope is pulled and the top is spinning. When contested, the longest spinning top is the winner.




This game has existed since Indonesia’s independence. It was created because in ancient times there were many Dutch fortresses.

The game is divided into two team, each team consists of dozens of children. Each team has a fortress or a place that must be protected. There are players who are tasked with attacking the opposing fortress or guarding their own fortress. But if the attacker is caught, he will become an enemy prisoner. The team that can touch the opponent’s fortress becomes the winner. Betengan is a type of game fighting strategy and speed.


Gobak sodor


It seems that many regions in Indonesia are familiar with this game. Each team consists of 3-5 person, they will occupy positions in the line. The core of the game is to block opponents so they can’t get past the back and forth line. The team that can cross the back and forth line becomes the winner.

These traditional games have different names in each region. For example, West Java calls gobak sodor with galah asin. This game is very interesting because besides training team cohesiveness, it can also hone your creativity.

Gobak sodor was originally called go back to door. Maybe because Indonesian were not familiar with foreign languages, so it turned into gobak sodor.


Hide and seek


Hide and seek is the most popular traditional game in Indonesia. This game starts with hompimpa to indicate who the searcher and who is hiding. The game is complete after all friends are found and those found first will be the next search.




Dakon is a game that anyone can play. Dakon is played using a board that has 16 holes. There are 7 small holes in front of each player. 2 large holes on the right-hand side are considered to belong to the player. This game can only be played by two person. This simple game can also hone the power of reasoning.




Jamuran are traditional games from Central Java. Jamuran can be played by children with 5-10 person. Jamuran begins by forming a circle, then one player stay in the middle. Players who form a circle must sing the song “ Jamuran ” to completion.


Cublak-cublak suweng

There is one traditional game from Central Java. Cublak-cublek suweng begins by determining who will be Pak Empo. Pak Empo should lays down while the other players put their hands on his back. Pak Empo must guess who is carrying the stone.

Games that are often played by 5-8 person contain elements of planting the value of Javanese culture and learning to follow the rules.


Jump rope

It usually played by 3 person. Two players hold the rope and one jump over it. If the jumper is hit the rope, he must take turns holding the rope. The rope used a rubber band strung together into a long rope.

That was ten traditional games of Soloevent. Hopefully, in this gadget era, kids will not be crushed. You can watch the Dolanan Bocah Festival which will be held in Solo soon.

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