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Muddy, the Favorite Scene of Marthino Lio

Soloevent.idSultan Agung Movie: Tahta, Perjuangan, dan Cinta becoming the first colossal movie for Marthino Lio. The actor who was born on January, 26 1989 is played Raden Mas Rangsang.

A long time ago, after Panembahan Hanyakrakusuma dead, Raden Mas Rangsang should succeed his father. After getting older, he called by Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusuma. Raden Mas Rangsang old version is played by Ario Bayu. It needs a big responsibility. Under the pennant of Mataram, Sultan Agung should collide the all of regent from java that separated by VOC political.

He is preserving to defeat colonialist, in other side Sultan Agung should sacrifice his true love for Lembayung (Adinia Wirasti) to married the lady, Ratu Batang (Anindya Putri), whom not his choice.



Because it is thick with Java Culture, Marthino Lio learn about the Javanese culture, like laku  jongkok, talking using Javanese polite language, and wearing the Java traditional wear with kris. Not only about culture, He is learns about martial art for this movie which is produced by Hanung Bramantyo for the action scene.

When visiting The Park Mall Solo Baru with Ardinia Wirasti, Marthino Lio also shares about his experience from shooting Sultan Agung.

“I learned about fighting in 3 weeks. The most enjoyable scene is muddy; after done with it I was taking a bath. But, the scene still missing, finally I should take it again, muddy, and taking a bath.” Lio said while in presscon at XO & Grill The Park Mall Solo Baru, Friday (24/8/2018).

Film Sultan Agung: Tahta, Perjuangan dan Cinta will be airing in cinemas started from 23 August 2018. Besides the name mention above, this movie also involved by the senior actors like, Christine Hakim, Meriam Bellina, and Deddy Sutomo.

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