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Bank Mandiri and Merchants Adheres the Partnership in Tawangmangu

Soloevent.id – Bank Mandiri Solo held an outing class with their partner merchants at Tawangmangu Camp Resort, Monday (08/20/2018). The event was attended by around 70 representatives of major merchants or referred to as merchant anchors. These merchants include Pizza Hut, Alfamart, Gramedia, The Body Shop, and many more.

The event began with the introduction of each merchant, then continued with the presentation of Bank Mandiri’s material on cashiers and electronic data capture (EDC) by representatives of Transaction Banking Retail Bank Mandiri Headquarters, Rony. Rony’s material conveyed much about the transaction using Bank Mandiri’s EDC.




After debriefing the material, participants undergo an outbound. Participants are divided into 15 teams, each team contains 5 people. In this session, participants were tested for cohesiveness through fun games such as inserting pencils into bottles, throwing bracelets, looking for balls in the pool with their eyes closed, and others. In total there are 7 game posts that must be followed by each team. Before starting the game, each team must shout slogans about Bank Mandiri.

Bank Mandiri’s Transaction Banking Retail Head, Wicaksono Hario Putro, explained that Bank Mandiri’s Anchor Merchant Outing was held to strengthen the relationship between the bank and partners.



“This program is for srawung (socializing), having fun, and making us compact. And so we are just as prosperous and just as happy. Hopefully, our partnership will be even closer and can be more advanced together, “said the bespectacled man while giving a speech.

Outbound is held until the afternoon. At the end of the event, Bank Mandiri and merchants danced together and then photographed together.

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