Things You Should Know To Buy Durian

1123 – Everybody loves durian even it has a stinky smell. Indonesia has many versions of durian. That’s all good to try. But, ever you buy durian with the bad condition after you open it? So, it is important to know how to choose the right durian. Here the tips.

  1. Color

Don’t judge a book by its cover! The right color doesn’t mean anything. Green can be ripe or maybe you will find it in yellow and brown color.

  1. Shape

The best durians are oval or slightly oblong in shape. Odd-shaped fruit is likely to have fewer chambers inside and so fewer flesh-covered seeds. A perfectly round durian may have sub-standard fruit because it is usually less aromatic and the seeds are usually bigger and the meat fleshy and creamy.

  1. Stalk

This is the part of the durian that is most easily neglected. Take a closer look at the durian stalk/stem. A thicker and shorter stalk had thicker fruit. When it has thinner and longer stalk so the meat of the fruit is only so-so.

4. Torn

FYI, it’s called Durian because it has duri (torn). Choosing the shorter and have few torn. You will get a fresher and sweeter taste.

  1. Weight

People will choose the bigger one that the light one but that is wrong, totally. How bigger is it more big seeds that the meat of the fruit. So choose the lighter.