Five Jazz Festivals You Should Watch!

1197 – Many jazz festivals hold in Indonesia. The annual events have a high allure. With natural attractions, historic buildings, and others will adorn the venue.

Here, the list.

1. Java Jazz Festival

Put it on your list first. Java Jazz Festival is the biggest and most popular jazz festival in Indonesia. Since 2005, this concert presented musicians from within and outside the country, such as Indra Lesmana, Dave Koze, Stevie Wonder, David Foster, and many more.

2. Jazz Gunung

As the name mention, this annual event held in ​​Mount Bromo. It invented in 2009 by artists Sigit Pramono, Butet Kartaradjasa, and Djaduk Ferianto. Jazz Gunung presents the experience of watching a music concert while accompanied by the cool/cold nature of the mountains.

3. Kampoeng Jazz

Organized by the Padjajaran University Faculty of Law Student Executive Board, the jazz festival is in Bandung. Some of the world’s jazz musicians, such as Tahiti 80, Tetsuo Sakurai, Renee Olstead already hit this event.

4. Prambanan Jazz Festival

Every year, Prambanan Jazz Festival (PJF) always presents famous stars, both domestic and abroad.

This year, PJF held in early July 2019. Many young artists were invited, such as Callum Scott, GAC, Ardhito Pramono, and others. Yanni, Anggun, and Brian McKnight also had delighted performance.

5. Solo City Jazz

Since 2019, Solo also has a jazz festival. It’s called Solo City Jazz (SCJ). The artists have been brought to SCJ, such as Fariz RM, Tompi, Ermy Kullit, Gugun Blues Shelter, and others.

This year, Solo City Jazz will be on September 28-29. This tenth edition took place at Kampung Batik Laweyan and Kampung Batik Kauman. The first day on 28 September enlivens by a Rori Wardhana’s fashion show.

The peak day will take place at Balekambang Park on 29 September. Guest stars are Bonita-Adoy, Down for Life (featuring Kurawa Voice, Dhea Fandari, Ari Wulu), Aditya Ong Trio feat Gabby, Tricotado, Kemlaka.