Soto Mie Bakso: The Delicious Foods at One Place

747 – The Indonesian favorite menu from then and now, Soto, Mie, and Bakso or Soto, Noodle, and Meatball will come to you.

Just attach yourself to this event at Hartono mall Solo. It holds on July 30-August 4 2019 at the VIP parking area.

According to Marketing Communication Hartono Mall Solo, for this second-year, it offered different menus. “We just added new menus. FYI, we still provided quirkiness menus,” Fia explained on Tuesday (07/30/2019).

These unique menus are rarely found in Solo. So, we brought here for Solo residents. Have you heard of or tasted Rawon meatballs, Sroto Sokaraja, or Geprek chicken noodles? You can find these menus at the Soto Mie Bakso Hartono Mall Solo.

The menus brought by sellers from their hometowns, such as Banyumas Regency and Jakarta. “We maintained the original taste,” said Fia. She added that culinary booths were from outside the city with typical culinary from other regions.

The 32 tenants participated in this event. 70% are local tenants, while others are from out of town. Fia hopes that the Soto Mie Bakso Festival can increase visits at Hartono Mall Solo.

Not only a culinary bazaar, but this event also enlivened with various activities, including live music, lion dance performances, and traditional dance performances. The Soto Mie Bakso Festival opened with a dance performance “Krido Pamungkas” from Sanggar Sakti Budaya Sukoharjo.