Kopi Kenangan? A Big Cup, Please!


Soloevent.id – Coffee is being a habit right now. On Wednesday, 18/09/2019, there was a coffee shop opened at Hartono Mall, Solo Baru. It’s called Kopi Kenangan.

Kopi Kenangan Sales Manager, Rizky Syaiful, said that they are targeting to open 1,000 outlets throughout Indonesia. “Our vision and mission open 1,000 outlets throughout Indonesia until 2021. Now, we only have 300 outlets,” Rizky explained.

The name Kopi Kenangan was chosen by management to mark our brand. The unique thing of coffee is its name, such as Kopi Kenangan Mantan, Kopi Kenangan Masa Lalu, Kopi Teh Andi Lau, and Kopi Mantan Menikah.

“It has the same name with the brand name with a little addition,” said Rizky. You can sip the coffees from 15 thousand to 32 thousand Rupiah. This coffee shop provides in regular and large sizes.

This Jakarta coffee shop also opened outlets in Solo Grand Mall, Solo Square, and Solo Paragon. Next October, this coffee shop will enliven culinary tenants at The Park Mall Solo Baru.