Europe: Happy for Coming Back to This Rock and Roll Country

549 – Since Friday (05/11/2018) afternoon, the main guest star of the concert of the Volcano Rock Festival, Europe, has landed in Boyolali. In the evening, all of Europe’s personnel: Joey Tempest (vocalist), John Norum (guitarist), John Leven (base), Mic Michaeli (keyboardist), and Ian Haugland (drummer) stopped by the Boyolali Regent’s office to attend a press conference.

At the beginning of the session, Joey Tempest revealed that he and his friends were happy to return to Indonesia. “In the past, we played in Jakarta and Surabaya, but that was a long time ago,” he explained. Yep, last November 1990 was the first time they were in Indonesia.


And now, within 27 years of its inaugural appearance, the hard rock band from Sweden will treat the longing of its fans on Mother Earth. “We are happy to be back in this rock and roll country,” he said.

Then the second question was given, what was Europe’s first impression when it arrived in Boyolali? “Very hot,” answered John Norum. “We are not used to being in the air like this because we live in cold areas,” he explained. However, John guarantees, climate differences will not affect their appearance at the Volcano Rock Festival.

Then, what songs will Europe play? Ian Haugland gave a little glimpse that they will be carrying songs that are well known to people and of course the material from the newest album, Walk the Earth. “This will be a hot and sweaty concert. And the mosquito will drop down to the earth, “he joked.

Volcano Rock Festival feels special because it is the only stage of Europe in Indonesia in the series of Walk the Earth World Tour. After Indonesia, they will cross to Australia and will hold five shows in five cities.