Mata Batin 2: Jessica Milla and her Mystic Experiences

259 – Jessica Mila and Bianca Hello held a meet and greet at Hartono Mall Solo, Tuesday (1/22/2019). The artists are movie players in Mata Batin 2.

After waiting about 45 minutes, finally the fans could meet their idol. When the two idols are seen in the escalator towards the Atrium, they are so excited.

“Hello, Solo,” said Jessica Mila. After greeting the fans, the cast of Alia in Mata Batin 2 began to tell about her latest film. “There are different things in the movie Mata Batin 2. Starting from stories, effects, settings, CGI, it will be better, of course,” she explained.

Jessica and Bianca also invited their fans to ask about Mata Batin 2. One of the spectators asked that Jessica’s inner eyes were opened during shooting. “Not the inner eye, but our senses are made more sensitive. I’m more olfactory. Bianca and Nabillah [Nabillah Ayu] went to hearing” said the woman born on August 3, 1992.

The other fans asked about interference during the shooting process. Jessica said, the camera had died suddenly during shooting.

Meet n greet ends with a photo together. Jessica Mila and Bianca Hello then stop by Solo Platinum Cineplex Hartono Mall to watch with Mata Batin 2.

The film, directed by Rocky Soraya, tells the story of Alia (Jessica Mila) who decided to start a new life after the death of her sister. Alia lives and does social work at the orphanage owned by Mrs. Laksmi (Sophia Latjuba) and Pak Fadli (Jeremy Thomas).

Alia felt that the orphanage was rather strange. The climax was when Alia and Nadia (one of the orphans, played by Nabillah Ayu) accidentally opened a mysterious room that was locked. In the room resides a revengeful spirit named Darmah.