Warkop DKI Reborn Driving Fans Crazy


Soloevent.id – Aliando Syarif, Adipati Dolken, Randy Danistha, and Indro Kusumonegoro (Indro Warkop) greet fans in Solo Raya, Monday (09/16/2019). Many fans come in Central Park, The Park Mall, Solo Baru to meet their idol. The cast says, “Hello, Solo!” and the hysterical screams come from fans.

“It is a new story, not a remix. I am quite impressed with the players,” said Indro Warkop. Then, Randy Danistha also told about his unique experience when shooting in the desert. “Now, I know what exactly a camel is. FYI, they also have an Instagram account with thousand followers,” he joked.

Adipati Dolken, as Kasino, said he was happy to be a part of this film.

Aliando Syarif as Dono also spoke. The fans scream are following his greeting. He greeted the audience with a Javanese accent, “Hello, I’m Dono!”

The meet and greet closed by the performance of the players singing the Warkop DKI Reborn soundtrack, Nongkrong di Warung Kopi with guitar rhythm from Randy Danistha, ex-personnel Nidji. The event continued with watch film Warkop DKI Reborn 2 together at The Park XXI.

The film that directed by Rako Prijanto will be on theaters starting September 12, 2019.