Klothekan at IAIN Surakarta


Soloevent.id – Students of the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Surakarta hold the Klo The Kan Festival on Wednesday-Thursday (22-23 / 5/2019) at the IAIN Surakarta Field. This festival aims to preserve and maintain cultures.

The Klo The Kan Festival is an annual activity organized by the Sirat Theater. The event was inaugurated by the Deputy Chancellor of the Academic and Student Affairs Section of IAIN Surakarta Dr. H. Syamsul Bakri, M. Ag.

“The theme Bersama Kita Tuthuk, Bertuthuk Kita Sama means it is for all. We are equal,” said Chairman of the Klo The Kan Festival Committee Muhammad Nur Aziz.

There were 34 participants from Solo Raya. The participants came from elementary school (SD), high school (SMA), and street musicians.

This percussion festival uses musical instruments. It is like buckets, spoons, used bottles, etc. The unique costumes are a must. For cheering the audience, the student of IAIN Surakarta do Stand-up comedy.

They will be judged by the juries. There are several assessment categories, such as the unique costumes, the creative musical instruments, and the attractive appearance. On Thursday (05/23/2019) will be announced for the ten best and favorite performers from various categories to get the Cup of  IAIN Surakarta Chancellor. The first winner received a prize of IDR 1.2 million and a trophy, Champion 2 received IDR 900 thousand, and 3rd place won IDR 700 thousand.