3 Warna 1 Cita: Gratitude To The Motherland


Soloevent.id – Kalam Kudus Christian School Foundation in collaboration with the Kembang Gula Film Community conducted a movie entitled 3 Warna 1 Cita, on Monday (5/20/2019) at Platinum Cineplex Hartono Mall Solo. This movie is a commemoration of National Awakening Day which falls every May 20.

For opening the event, SD Kalam Kudus performs in. They sang the song “Jaya Indonesia” loudly and passionately.

The movie which directed by Steve Pillar Setiabudi, involved students from the Kalam Kudus Christian School Foundation from various levels of education, starting from kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school, as well as teachers and parents. The movie also works with the Kalam Kudus Schools in Pekanbaru, Pontianak, and Timika.

The 3 Warna 1 Cita the movie tells about three friends named Bambang, Gabriella and Rita. Starting from a school project with love of the Motherland theme, they tried to interpret what does love to motherland means through the movie.

Every problem in that movie happens in our life, such as friendship, family, school, and the environment that build character in children. Here, contains the Nationalism that should be faced by children.

Fanyy Chotimah producer of 3 Warna1 Cita said, “This movie tells about the Nationalism spirit. It is also as the 111 years of Kalam Kudus Foundation service to commemorate National Awakening Day,” she said when opening the event.

Fanny added The 3 Warna 1 Cita story was made with the spirit of diversity from students, parents, and teachers. It is a simple movie but full of values.