A MENU FOR THE CENTURIES: Roasted Chicken from Conejo Express


Soloevent.id – Conejo comes with a new concept called Conejo Express. Previously serving Mexican-style menus, now the restaurant located on Jl. Gajah Mada No. 42 combines fast food with fresh food.

Conejo Express Operational Manager Andriya Setiaji said that Conejo Express’s main menu is Roasted Chicken. The Mexican menus such as tacos, nachos, churros are also available.

Starting from IDR 20 thousand, you can enjoy the Roasted Chicken. There is a free chicken crispy promo for purchasing dine-in Roasted Chicken packages valid until the end of June 2019. For reviewers on Google, they will give a 10% discount for every menu.

“With the launch of a new menu, Roasted Chicken, it is expected to become a new place for culinary in Solo,” Andriya said on Saturday (06/13/2019).

It sounds weird eating fried chicken without sauce. Well, you can choose four variants of sauce here, peri-peri, spicy (for spicy lovers), tomato sauce, and gravy mushroom. “Consumers can choose according to taste,” explained Andriya.

With the new concept, Conejo Express targets all ages.  Andriya continued, strategic location and large parking area are a bonus to increase visitors.