So Grand Cafe: Hangout at Solo Grand Mall

1349 -You’ve bought a ticket but waiting on the line to watch your favorite movie, that’s boring, right? Kill it with your step in the So Grand Cafe.

The cafe on the 4th floor is the newest place for hanging out in SGM. So Grand Cafe was inaugurated on 27 July 2019. The General Manager of Solo Grand Mall, Bambang Sunarno, explained that millennial is becoming a reason for SGM to open the cafe.

“It sets with a millennial concept. We provide facilities such as Wi-Fi and plugs in every corner for free. So, young people can take advantage of it. Anyway, the food served is also not heavy,” explained Bambang.

Bambang added that So Grand Cafe was designed to face to face with Cinema XXI. It also aims to make the visitor who parks on the 4th floor easier find food.

Previously, it was an IT Center. The cafe installation process takes two months. FYI, you can also hold meetings at So Grand Cafe. The capacity is 250 pax. It also provided a stage and sound system. Every day, live music will entertain visitors.

Food and beverage are the millennials food, including Panties Pizza, Meme Frape, and Black Kebab.