The Indonesian Umbrella Festivals Through The Years, Check This Out!

324 – Umbrellas and parasols in all the colors of the rainbow will adorn and decorate Prambanan Temple to welcome you to the Indonesian Umbrella Festival. This year, the Indonesian Umbrella Festival (FPI) will be held on 6-8 September 2019.

Surakarta, in Central Java, held the first Indonesia Umbrella Festival. So, without any further ado, let’s check to the list.

Support by the Ministry of Tourism through the Directorate General of Creative Economy Based on Arts and Culture. On November 28-30 2014, the inaugural event entitled “Closer to Umbrella” was held at the Balekambang Park. The event aims to add new creativity and preserve Indonesia’s endangered craft umbrellas.

The people’s response was extraordinary. They were very interested in the park which adorns with a colorful umbrella. The event was also enlivened by performing arts.

A thousand umbrellas adorned Balekambang Park on September 11-13 2015 in the theme “Umbrella Reborn”. It was followed by 13 umbrella craftsmen in Indonesia. They come from Baubau, Palu, Kuantan Singingi, Padangpanjang, Bengkulu, Jakarta, Bandung, Tasikmalaya, Yogyakarta, Solo, Pekalongan, and Klaten.

The festival also featured umbrella arts from other countries including from Thailand, Japan, and China.

Bringing the theme Sky Umbrella, Exploring Indonesia, this Indonesian Umbrella Festival held on September 23-25 2016 at Taman Balekambang, Surakarta.

The event was highlight by bringing together the creative industry stakeholders to the market. It featured by umbrella carnivals, umbrella dance performances, umbrella fashion shows, workshops and umbrella paintings, photo competitions, gatherings and reflections, and seminars. Foreign delegations were Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, China.

The fourth edition, in 2017, the Indonesian Umbrella Festival changes the venue, precisely at Puro Mangkunegaran. Decorated with attractive color carried the theme Sepayung Indonesia. It had a philosophy of embrace the national unity and integrity, respect diversity, and shelter together under Indonesian Umbrella.

They were Ayu Bulan Trisna Djelantik, Dariah, Didi Nini Thowok, Munasiah Daeh Djinne, Retno Maruti, and Rusini which were performers who steal the show.

After Solo, the fifth of Indonesian Umbrella Festival moved outside to the Borobudur Temple. The theme raised was Lalitavistara. Lalitavistara is a story of the reliefs in the Borobudur Temple. Umbrellas are always come to our life, as well as being a symbol of strengthening diversity in Indonesia.

The Director of the Indonesian Umbrella Festival Heru Prasetya said the choice of Borobudur Temple as a venue seemed to return to the origin, where the Borobudur Temple was called the mother of all umbrellas.

The event featured with eighty activities, including fashion shows, workshops, music arts, traditional dance performances from various regions in Indonesia and supporting countries, also traditional culinary festivals.

In 2019, the Indonesian Umbrella Festival was included in the top ten list of events in Central Java which was created by the Ministry of Tourism. When met by Soloevent, the Head of the Central Java Youth and Tourism Education Office Sinoeng Rachmadi said that the events in the list were assessed based on the value of education about culture, the existence of creative elements or innovation, and communication.