2 Million USD for Live at the Acropolis


Soloevent.id – Legendary performer and composer Yanni has announced he will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of “Live at The Acropolis” a world tour that will launch in the Prambanan Jazz Festival on 5-7 July 2019. Perform on Friday (07/07/2019), Yanni will hit his first appearance in Indonesia.

The musician born on November 14, 1964, will play his masterpieces, Live at the Acropolis.  Yanni actually planned to perform in Indonesia on October 20, 2018, but Yanni had an accident, the show finally postponed.

Live at the Acropolis was released on March 1, 1994. The production began on September 25, 1993. Yanni and the team took a year and a half to complete. The interesting when the making of the Acropolis was Yanni did not know how to write music yet. He learned through orchestral performances that he heard.

This album is precious for Yanni. Greece is a historic place. The Acropolis has musical elements, like classical, cultural, to electronic effects.

In the making process, he met with the mayor to get permission. Yanni gives guarantee won’t make historical sites damage. He also invested $ 2 million to record a live concert.

In 1998, Live at the Acropolis received an Emmy award for  “Outstanding Individual Achievement and Lighting Direction for Drama Series” category.

In the original version, Live at the Acropolis contains ten songs. Especially for the 25th anniversary, Yanni added four songs to the phenomenal album, Felitsa, The Rain Must Fall, The End of August, and Aria.