Let’s Play!


Soloevent.id – This afternoon, 50 children from the Sang Citra Dance Studio Taman Pintar Jebres were busy playing traditional toys. They play clogs in groups, cranks, dakon, stilts, jump rope, tops, etc. The atmosphere was even more exciting when the competition to play traditional games began.

The description above is Laladore’s activities (Lare Lare Dolanan Sore). The event was held by the Putra-Putri Solo Association in Taman Cerdas Jebres, Saturday (05/11/2019). Laladore aims to entertain and remind the community about traditional games.

Deputy Chairperson of the Laladore Committee Laurensia Liona said, “Many children today prefer games through gadgets or smartphones. It creates a more individualistic attitude or lack of social interaction. So we as Putra-Putri Solo batch 2018 held this event. Traditional games can train children to develop a motor system, intelligence, and make children more able to preserve local traditions and culture,” she said during the event.

Laladore at Taman Cerdas Jebres is the closing of a series of activities that have been held since last April. Laladore was first held in the car-free day area on April 21, 2019, then in Taman Jaya Wijaya Mojosongo (April 27), and Monument 45 Banjarsari (May 4).

In addition to traditional games, the Putra-Putri Solo Association also cooperates with the Surakarta City Library and Regional Library Service to present mobile library cars. At the end of the event, there was a free takjil and books distribution for children. The Putra-Putri Solo Association also invited people to break the fast together.