Don’t Resist Food at the Anniversary of Roti Ganep

125 – Roti Ganep Solo celebrates its 138th anniversary on Saturday (4/27/2019). It rolls out at the Roti Ganep outlet on Jl. Sutan Syahrir 176, Tambak Segaran, Setabelan, Banjarsari.

The event began by holding a prayer together for the achievements for today, then continued with lunch. The event titled Dahar Sak Mareme (in Indonesian means to eat as much as you like) was attended by Roti Ganep loyal customers. Guests are free to enjoy menus such as chicken satay, galantine soup, opor, pecel, fruity ice.

To running a culinary business, Roti Ganep is also active in social activities, such as blood donation, yoga activities that collect fees voluntarily, and also as a Posyandu in several areas in Solo.

Now, Roti Ganep has five branches spread in Solo. It is as a commitment to producing products for all, Roti Ganep launches fresh bread for vegans. The bread is made without using eggs, sugar, butter and animal oil.

In welcoming Eid al-Fitr, Roti Ganep always makes typical Lebaran cakes as parcels formed.