Understanding the Diversity


Soloevent.id – Did You know Barongsai Tripusaka? It is a Legend of Surakarta’s Barongsai during the Imlek. Not only Barongsai Tripusaka also has Liong dance.

Even though this tradition took from Chinese, but the players are Javanese with different religions. Sarjanto is one of them. He is a Muslim and he is enjoying his job. He said that even his job will not disturb his prayer time so it’s okay. Also, He already did this job for three years.

Besides that Sarjanto is happy to cherish the spectator and he can also do exercise.

“Barongsai (Chinese Lion dance) physical work out, used strength and mind, to make your body healthier. FYI, Barongsai is on PON [National Sports Games],” he said on Tuesday (21/1/2020).


The coach of Tripusaka, Adjie Chandra, proud that his coworkers can respect diversity. From 70 coworkers, almost 95% is Javanese. “Barongsai is for All,” he said.

Adjie explained that barongsai has three goals. There are rituals, sport, and attractions. “If it is for ritual, they should follow this Confucianism way, but they pray with their belief,” he added.