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Mr. Dawsons wife of 24 years, Jacqueline Puzder, died in 1978. A three-sport athlete, Dawson set school records in football and in basketball, and was the first athlete in 13 years to be named first-team all-state in both sports during the same year. Not everyone encapsulated an era of sports history behind the scenes in the same way. He was a driving force behind the success of many well-known players. When I think of the late Len Dawson, I think of the time he just wanted to step back from all the chaos of a football field with a cigarette and a soda in a glass bottle. Moore, 72, says that the shock value of the photo is part of what has led to its increased popularity. Dawson was born June 20, 1935, the ninth of 11 children that filled the house of James and Annie Dawson in the blue-collar manufacturing town of Alliance, Ohio. Based on one black and white moment in a Pro Football Hall of Fame career, former Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson did not possess that strict mindset. The coach and quarterback won the AFL championship together in 1962, their first year together, and became bona fide stars the following year, when club founder Lamar Hunt moved the team to Kansas City and rechristened it the Chiefs. Its one of my favorite photos, Donovan told Yahoo Sports, flashing a wide-eyed smile. Throughout his remarkable career, Len made it a priority to give back to the community that he loved. Dawson was born June 20, 1935, the ninth of 11 children that filled the house of James and Annie Dawson in the blue-collar manufacturing town of Alliance, Ohio. Lisa happens to be the first and only daughter of the renowned quarterback. Shortly before he signed with the Chiefs, the club flew Stenerud to Miami before a December 1966 game against the Dolphins for what amounted to a tryout. The grand jury is investigating an alleged nationwide gambling operation. In 1966, then-Chiefs general manager Jack Steadman wanted to drum up support for the franchise in Kansas City and convinced Dawson to anchor a sports segment on the nightly news. After completing 12-of-17 passes for 142 yards and a touchdown, Dawson was named the MVP of that game. (Photo by Bill Ray/The LIFE Picture Currently, he is still an active member of the community and puts much of his energy into charitable activities. They proceeded to win two more AFL titles, one in 1966 when they lost to the Green Bay Packers in the first Super Bowl, and the other in 69, when Dawson returned from an injury to help beat the Vikings at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans. With wife Linda at his side, it is with much sadness that we inform you of the passing of our beloved Len Dawson, KMBC in Kansas City, where Lawson had previously worked as a sports broadcaster, received a statement from the family. Reply. Dawson lost the fight after a protracted battle with aggressive prostate cancer, which resulted in his death. Dawson played for the Chiefs from 1963-75. Hes being himself., To tight end Travis Kelce, who chuckled before saying the photo just screams hard-working man., Cultural, um evolution, Kelce told Yahoo Sports with a huge grin. Id smoke a cigar, and probably more than half the guys smoked cigarettes back then, Arbanas, a Chiefs Hall of Famer, told Yahoo Sports. Certainly cigarettes have a stigma, and then to equate it with an athlete and then equate it with a quarterback and then equate it with a guy in the Hall of Fame you have all the elements that make it interesting and intriguing.. Davidson played in the second Super Bowl for Oakland after the 1967 season and then was on the team that lost the conference title game the next three seasons. Len Dawson (16) Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, 1973. The Green Bay Packers won the game. He also served more than three decades on the Chiefs radio broadcast team. But theres also one small picture, located in a frame behind his desk, that stands out. One of a kind. The Dawson He was a three-sport athlete at Alliance High School, setting records in football and basketball and earning a scholarship offer from Purdue. Your email address will not be published. The thought of that today would be outrageous.. He spent the majority of his life playing quarterback in American football. Lisa Anne Dawson is a celebrity daughter to the famous American football quaterback Len Dawson. KANSAS CITY, Mo. Theres a man with fussy brown hair in a smeared white uniform, a red No. Ever since then, the Chiefs who were around back then have found themselves fielding questions about how a football player could have been smoking in the middle of what would eventually become one of sports biggest and most physically demanding spectacles. Im talking about the time that a clearly exhausted Dawson with his jersey and uniform already disheveled in an appropriate football way smoked a cigarette while drinking a Fresca during the halftime of Super Bowl I versus the Packers in January 1967. Oakland tied the game on a field goal by George Blanda with 8 seconds remaining and that proved to be the difference in the AFC West race. Len Dawson, todays football quarterback, and his first wife and children. In an era that prides itself on meticulously watching calories and treating the body like a temple, modern players probably wont smoke or drink before competing against other elite athletes. All registered. Furthermore, even though QB wed his second wife Linda Louise again, there are no records of the two of them having kids together. Dawson Dawson was born June 20, 1935, the ninth of 11 children that filled the house of James and Annie Dawson in the blue-collar manufacturing town of Alliance, Ohio. It wasnt a health issue at that time.. Charles Goldman. During his storied 14-year tenure with the Kansas City Chiefs, Dawson served as the franchises heart and soul. Mr. Len It was a different time with a different standard of health. 2023 Ghanafuo.com & DM Network. And when Donovan noticed that a colleague down the hall had placed a larger version of this photo one that has gained more life in recent years on top of a credenza a few years back, Donovan knew he had to have one, too. All registered. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1992. He attended Alliance High School in Alliance, Ohio. Dawson was given a prostate cancer diagnosis in 1991. Who is the mother of Len Dawsons children? Dawson was married to his high school sweetheart, Jackie, from 1954 until her death in 1978, and together they had two children. Len Dawson, a former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, passed yesterday at the age of 87. Between 2015 and 16, No Travis Kelce SNL promo has drawn hilarious reactions. Hank Stram, left, coach of the Kansas City Chiefs AFL team, announced the signing of a four-year contract by quarterback Len Dawson, right, in Kansas City, May 7, 1968. He started his football career as a Quarterback in 1957. KANSAS CITY, Mo. He was a second-team Associated Press All-AFL selection in 1965 and first-teamer in 1967. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images), Len Dawson #16 of the Kansas City Chiefs drops back to pass against the Oakland Raiders during an NFL Football game September 30, 1973 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Len Dawson was an American football quarterback who played in the National Football League & American Football League for 19 seasons. Dawson, one of 11 children in all, found that his most potent gifts came on the football field, the basketball court and the baseball diamond. Ghanaian songstress and actress Hajia4Real. "He was a tough, gutsy ballplayer, team oriented with enough meanness in him to be feared and enough talent to be effective," former Raiders teammate Tom Flores said. There had been speculation that Dawson would retire from the game. Lens children are He has a girl named Anne Dawson and a boy named Len Dawson Jr. among his loved ones. He invited his daughter Anne into this world in 1955 and his son in 1960. Kansas City Chiefs head coach Hank Stram, right, gestures toward his quarterback Len Dawson, in New Orleans, Jan. 7, 1970, assuring a New Orleans news conference that Dawson will be the starting quarterback in the upcoming Super Bowl game. Mr. Dawsons wife of 24 years, Jacqueline Puzder, died in Dawson was the MVP of the Chiefs 23-7 Super Bowl victory over the Minnesota Vikings in January 1970. It is heartbreaking to share the devastating news of the death of a renowned American Pro Football Hall Famer. Len Dawson, a Hall of Fame quarterback and award-winning broadcaster unexpectedly passed away on Wednesday(August 24), according to his family. Legendary Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and Kansas City broadcaster Len Dawson has died. WebLen Dawson was born on June 25, 1935 in Alliance, Ohio, USA. Dawson had two children with Jackie, his high school sweetheart, and they were married from 1954 until her death in 1978. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson before throwing the final touchdown pass of the game to wide receiver Otis Taylor as the Chiefs defeated the Minnesota Vikings to win Super Bowl IV in 1970 at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans. Did Naomi J. Ogawa go to film school? Lisa Anne Dawson is a celebrity daughter to the famous American football quaterback Len Dawson. Back in the 60s, guys grew up in an environment where people smoked men and women and people grew up in families that smoked, Moore said. A smoke, a Fresca and a Hall of Fame career. In 1955, he became a father to his daughter Anne, and in 1960, he became a father to his son. But he went on a tear once back on the field. Quarterback Len Dawson in the Chiefs' locker room during Super Bowl I in 1967. Following her death, Len married Linda Louise, his current wife. He has a sister who has been identified as Lisa Anne Dawson, He was born to Len Dawson and his first wife, Jacqueline Puzder. However, his first wife died in 1978 after suffering from a stroke in 1977. He first got married in 1954 to Jacqueline Puzder, who was his high school girlfriend. Lens net worth is $15 million. Press Esc to cancel. The legendary Kansas City signal-caller and later NFL broadcaster died at the age of 87, his family announced Wednesday. Dawson was given a prostate cancer diagnosis in 1991. Dawson, who won three AFL championships and led Kansas City to its first Super Bowl victory, died Wednesday at the age of 87. Heres what Chiefs Hall of Famer Fred Arbanas once told Yahoo Sportsabout Kansas Citys laissez-faire approach to smoking in the locker room: Id smoke a cigar, and probably more than half the guys smoked cigarettes back then. The cancer was detected in its early stages and Lens prostate was surgically removed. Len has played for Dallas Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Davidson spent 11 years in pro football, starting with the Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins in the NFL before joining the Raiders in the AFL in 1964. (He was a great friend, brother, husband, and father. Len Dawson had only two kids, a daughter and a son named Lisa Anne Dawson and Len Dawson Jr respectively. Hall of Famer kicker Jan Stenerud joined the Chiefs the season after the photo was shot. Stram tapped into his talent, helping Dawson to quickly become one of the leagues prolific passers as the Texans went 11-3 and won the first of three championships. In a rage, Chiefs wide receiver Otis Taylor jumped on Davidson and a brawl ensued. Len breathed his last breath at KU Med. These are words often overused but accurate for describing Len Dawson. Its been a true privilege and honor to have Len at the center of our broadcast team for the last 33 years, said Dan Israel, the executive producer of the Chiefs radio network, upon his retirement a few years ago. The start of Dawsons hospice care was disclosed by his family on August 12, 2022. Today, all of Lens children are adults who choose to live quiet lives based on their values. Bill Ray / The LIFE Picture Collection / Shutterstock. Even if Mahomes or another Chiefs player was to somehow recreate the photo, its safe to say the 1967 original, which will remain prominently displayed behind team president Mark Donovans desk for the foreseeable future, will always be Kansas Citys most iconic football photo. On Wednesday, Dawson died at age 87, yet his iconic image remains. Quarterback Len Dawson #16 of the Kansas City Chiefs drops back to pass against the Oakland Raiders during an early circa 1970's NFL football game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. Dawsons most famous cigarette photo is worth mentioning: on January 15, 1967, during the halftime of the first Super Bowl, Dawson was photographed while taking a drag of his cigarette while sitting on a simple folding chair. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January 1992 following the scheduling of a regular health check-up after his wife Linda insisted. Dawson retired from professional football after the 1975 season and later served as the sports director at KMBC-TV in Kansas City and color analyst for the Chiefs Radio Network. That's where the 6-foot-8 Davidson became famous. Although Len Dawson and his first wife welcomed two children into the world, he and his second wife, Louise, did not have any more children. Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback and popular radio and TV sports personality Len Dawson has died. He was an actor, known for Personal Best (1982), The Love Butcher (1975) and Pro Bowlers' Tour (1962). More likely, theyll note that his bronze bust in Canton can epitomize all of those achievements in one neat package. Please check your email for a confirmation. Len embraced and came to embody Kansas City and the people that call it home. Type above and press Enter to search. As Dawson was on the His family includes a daughter named Anne Dawson and a son named Len Dawson Jr. IE 11 is not supported. He was 87. NFL draft questions for teams in the top 10: Will the Colts trade up? Davidson died Monday night. Len Dawson had two children with his first wife; however, he did not have any further kids with Louise. Len was constantly appreciative of the innumerable connections he made throughout his football and broadcasting professions and was frequently overcome by them), the statement added. "He was able to rush the passer and worked hard to get bigger and stronger, with the character and personality. Dawson was the ninth of 11 children of Ohio native James and England-born Annie Dawson. Len was the third-youngest of eleven children in the Dawson clan. Len and his wife Jacqueline were blessed with two children Lisa Anne, daughter, and Len Jr. Dawson played six more seasons in Kansas City, setting many franchise records that stood until a youngster named Patrick Mahomes came along, before hanging up his helmet after the 1975 season. He spent eight seasons with the Raiders. The star quarterback and coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, victors in the 1970 Super Bowl game were guests of the show. The car was part of his reward for being named most valuable player in the Super Bowl Game with Minnesota on January 11. Kansas City Chiefs' quarterback Len Dawson (16) gets ready to release the ball during the first Super Bowl, Jan. 15, 1967, against the Green Bay Packers at the Los Angeles Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. With newfound freedom to sign anywhere, Dawson jumped to the upstart AFL and the Texans, lured in part by the chance to play for one of his old coaches at Purdue. He first got married in 1954 to Jacqueline Puzder, who was his high school girlfriend. On August 12, 2022, his family disclosed that he had started receiving hospice care. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2023 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Cameron Munster : Finger injury | Party video | Stats, Jerry Richardson : is still alive | Daughter | Age, Tyler Bertuzzi : Boston Bruins | is playing tonight, Jerry Richardson : Death | Cause of death | Net worth, Tyler Bertuzzi : Trade | Contract | Girlfriend | Dad. In 1991, a diagnosis of prostate cancer was made concerning Dawson. August 24, 2022 9:02 am CT. After being placed in end-of-life care over a week ago, iconic Kansas City Chiefs QB Len Dawson has died. And when I think of Dawson at that moment, what I envision is a warrior recharging for a brutal battle by simply trying to take a load off while he could. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images), KANSAS CITY, MO - NOVEMBER 5: Len Dawson #16 of the Kansas City Chiefs in action against the New York Jets during an AFL Football game November 5, 1967 at Kansas City Municipal Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. According to his death statement, he passed away with his wife Linda by his side. Thats befitting of a 1960s era before smokings toxic effects on the lungs were common knowledge and before it was a United States medical standard to advise against smoking. To me, witting is like therapy it makes you use your mind in a different way than you can ever imagine. Len Dawson had a net worth of $10 million at the time of his passing, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Fred Arbanas doesnt remember a whole lot about halftime of Super Bowl I. He was 87 years old. Photograph: AP. When Dawson entered hospice care, his second wife, Linda, stayed by his side. ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Ben Davidson, the hulking defensive end who starred for the Oakland Raiders in the 1960s before becoming a famous television pitch man, has died. Lens father was originally from Ohio while his mother was born in England. Len Dawson has two children from his first marriage to Jacqueline Puzder. (Photo by Focus On Sport/Getty Images), PITTSBURGH, PA - Quarterback Len Dawson #16 of the Kansas City Chiefs is on the sideline during an early circa 1970's NFL football game at Three Rivers Front Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Len Dawson family, wife, children, parents, siblings Lisa Anne is a daughter, and Len is a son. While schooling there, Len was named first-team in all-state in both football and basketball. He loves kids and has always made special effort to acknowledge them. Dawson led the Texans/Chiefs to three AFL championships (1962, 1966, 1969), and the franchises first Super Bowl title in Super Bowl IV, for which he won the games MVP award. Look at Dawsons face. From the football field to sports broadcasting, here's a look at Len Dawson over the years in both roles. Thats the feeling that I had when I came off the field.. A lot of times, youd come into our locker room and you could hardly see, itd be so smoky in there. Furthermore, he was raised along with his ten siblings. After leaving the NFL in 1962, he played with the Chiefs of the American Football League (then known as the Dallas Texans) for 14 seasons. He entered hospice care on Aug. 12. Required fields are marked *. But dont ask him to actually smoke the cigarette though. Dawson signed with the American Football Leagues Dallas Texans on June 30, 1962. In detail, Lisa and Len are reportedly Internet celebrities. Additionally, Len has undergone quadruple heart surgery and has experienced episodes of shingles and some memory lapses. 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Both of his Len Dawson is introduced before the inaugural Pro Football Hall of Fame Fan Fest Friday, May 2, 2014, at the International Exposition Center in Cleveland. So, I think it would be cool.. Theres a lot of reasons why its there.. His condition periodically deteriorated after the diagnosis. He went from there to the University of Washington, where he helped the Huskies win Rose Bowls in 1960 and `61. Len Dawson who quarterbacked for the Kansas City Chiefs is pictured at home in his den, Feb. 19, 1970. Kansas City coach Hank Stram, left, checks suitcase full of signatures supporting quarterback Len Dawson, right, Jan. 10, 1970, in New Orleans. Meet Len Dawson Daughter Anne Dawson & Son Len Dawson Jr. After his first marriage, which was to Jacqueline Puzder, Len Dawson became the father of Furthermore, he earned the honors of representing AFL in Super Bowl I after leading the chiefs to a record of 11-2-1 and a win-over of 31-7 over the Buffalo Bills in the AFL Championship Game. First Name Len #3. Even Dawson, whom Moore says wasnt one of the teams heaviest smokers, eventually gave up the habit. He fathered two children, Lisa Anne and Len Jr., with his wife, Jacqueline Puzder. Football Player Born in Ohio #22. [Its great] because hes just treating it like another game, Colquitt told Yahoo Sports. Dawson played for the Chiefs from 1963-75. In this Jan. 11, 2970 file photo, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson prepares to handoff to running back Mike Garrett (21) as running back Robert Holmes (45) and guard Ed Budde (71) lead the play during the Super Bowl in New Orleans. Last The Super Bowl I, was the first championship game between AFL and their rivals, NFL. Lisa happens to be the first and only daughter of the renowned Evolving, yes. Regardless of his legendary personal life story, fans are now heartbroken to lose the QB star. Len got married to his second wife, Linda. PHOTOS: Take a look inside the old Cass County Jail. Yeah, Donovan said, a smile crossing his face once again. There are available Red Game Retired Player Jersey for both men and women in the NFL shop at $119.99. Type above and press Enter to search. What are some fun facts about Wayne Shorter? RIP to the legend Len Dawson, Mahomes wrote in a tweet. Hall of Fame quarterback Len Dawson, whose unmistakable swagger in helping the Kansas City Chiefs to their first Super Bowl title earned him the nickname Lenny the Cool, died Wednesday. Theres no shortage of photos in the office of Kansas City Chiefs team president Mark Donovan. And it perfectly captured a man that embodied poise and self-assurance. Denise Dowse family, husband, children, parents, siblings. He was born on June 20, 1935, in Alliance, Ohio, in the United States. Quarterback Len Dawson, left, and Coach Hank Stram, center, listen as comedian Johnny Carson makes a point during taping of the NBC-TV Tonight Show Tuesday, Jan. 13, 1970 in New York. Editor at Ghanafuo.com! Len Dawson had two kids who are now grown-ups with his longtime lover and high school sweetheart who passed on after two decades of marriage in 1978. Its not like the Chiefs MVP quarterback isnt aware of the photo. Lens daughter is the firstborn of his two children. He was 82. They might even point to his various top AFL passing marks over the years. With his distinctive handlebar mustache, raspy voice and physical play, Davidson helped personify Al Davis' renegade Raiders on the 1960s. And its a way to honor our fans and past legends that came before us. Here is one of our favorite pieces from Paylor: KANSAS CITY, Mo.

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