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Or will there be some hierarchical structure in place for the smooth co-existence of everyone involved? Start your 7-day free trial. External Reviews Distractify is a registered trademark. According to The Cinemaholic, however, There are emergency evacuation plans and teams on standby to lend a hand if the participants run into any emergency situation.. To the guy commenting Jennifer doesn't do squat, I've always wondered where she goes when she's not eating or cooking lol. I believe they are frustrated that the rest of the group is not putting their free time and different skills towards developing the base camp and are instead focusing on making their individual goals and asperations. Plus, Adam works on different building projects for base . However I'm actuality their opinions only matter. Adam and Evan are great. Episode 2. But other people seem to not to be interested in building up what they want to build. Let's wait to the last minute to setup camp and hunt for food, and so on. As far as I could see, everyone was working on their assigned tasks, and steadily tightening their belts while the disappointed couple, stayed in their cozy cabin and ate the best of the food, slimming down exactly none. In 2015, Discovery debuted a show called The Last Alaskans which had a somewhat similar concept. Gotta adapt and learn to communicate better. Reply . They are joined by Adam, Oliver, Gerrid, Christine, and Evan. . S1:E 5 Frozen Out. Apparently, there are at least a handful of people who have, and theyre the cast of Discoverys new series, 100 Days Wild. 20 To hear of it. People who are interested in seeing the outcome will have to tune in and see what happens. We got it out, unfortunately it wasnt captured.. My wife and I were sitting here saying wtf bitch these two havent had food in weeks!! They basically want more people in the community so they dont have to do anything, and they can order people to do all the things that they dont want to do.. Jennifer does nothing apart from cooking and eating .. and more eating with a side of buffalo, and Andrew wants to dictate everything even though he hasn't got a clue. How did Jennifer and Andrew decide the concept of community can be tight if living quarters are 10 to 15 miles apart through the wild of brush and snow? While many people dream of giving up the regular conveniences of modern life to attempt to live off the grid in remote places like Alaska, few actually do it. The other camps would be way stations that people stayed at for short hunting trips. Get rid of them and Illwatch again. "Regardless of how it turns out, this experience was possibly the best decision I've ever made and has started a whole new and exciting chapter in my life, I feel I am exactly where I'm meant to be, and for that I am so grateful.". When outpost founders Andrew and Jennifer take control of the food supply, it's the last straw for Adam. I've had to pull a canoe up with as much energy at a place I paid to get out on the river Andrew & Jennifer. In addition to dealing with the harsh temperatures, the cast members also have to deal with each other, and the latter might just prove to be even more challenging. I am so glad they all decided to leave. The next issue at hand is how remote the location is. I had a little bit of flour, a little bit of sugar. Jennifer and her husband Andrew aren't sure what to expect when five Lower 48 strangers head to the Last Frontier to help their homestead prepare for winter. Terrible editing left us jumping from scene to scene with no connection or follow up to previous events. Honestly, I would rather watch what happens next in the community happening without Jennifer and Andrew. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. 100 Days Wild season 1 will premiere on August 21, 2020, on Discovery at 9 pm ET/PT. Up there, especially in the second half of the time that we spent there, every night could be considered a near-death experience quite honestly, because it was between -30 and almost -60 every night, he shares. Shouldnt they have had enough homes for everyone when they arrived at base camp? After several days of negative reaction, Andrew announces he is to step back from public duties "for the foreseeable future". Oliver tries to survive solo as temperatures plummet. Couple of snakes. Rate. Jennifer apparently bought all the land., they scrimped and sacrificed to do this community. All their talk about community is going to slap them in the face. Do you recall The Real World on MTV? With about 750,000 people residents spread out over an area more than twice the size of Texas, it doesn't take much for it to be considered "undeveloped.". Usually, when your livelihood is on the line, you want to be around people you know and trust. Season: OR . Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. I love this show, but found myself getting very irritated with Andrew and Jennifer. 27 January 2020. And then she only deigns to look up when she needs to criticize the next victim. I lost 42 pounds on the show, Frye shared. The crew only has 100 days to work together to hunt for food, gather essentials, and build shelters before the brutal, Arctic freeze. Frye, who joined the Army at age 18 and was later deployed to Guantanamo Bay and Kosovo, reveals that the experience led him to a place where he was able to really prioritize during his time in Alaska as well as prepare him for the coronavirus pandemic. Rate. Talk to everyone, gather their ideas and opinions and then decide for the group what the priorities are. 3,211. Love the rest of the 5 and it would be nice to see them start their own community next season. 0. They are now 5 years in. 5 . Adam and Evan join Oliver on a nearby claim, leading to a final confrontation with Andrew. Reality-Soap 202055 Minuten. He chose that weapon. I think that they need to recognize that they do not have the strength of character to be community builders. Synopsis:The battle over the food supply becomes the last straw for Adam, Evan, Christine and Gerrid; Andrew and Jennifer are abandoned at base camp; Adam and Evan join Oliver on a nearby claim . Andrew and Jennifer need to take hard looks at themselves to see why they keep failing. So they are home free now with as little effort as possible. I think a large part of it is the editing, but I also think they are just horrible communicators. Jennifer is repulsive and Andrew is a gutless wonder. I'd like to know when they decided they were the leaders. I hope those other 4 people decide to form their own group. And her knitting while people are trying to express their feelings. That is important in Alaska. They don't thank the others for what they have done in their contributions. Theres no better place to put your survival skills to the test than in the middle of nowhere in Alaska. I really like this show. Oliver's refusal to help prep fish is the last straw for Andrew and Jennifer, so the outpost founders push the others to force Oliver out; a sudden temperature plunge cuts Adam and Evan's bear . Give them more! In an interview with RADIO.COM, Frye detailed his experience and even described the dangers of living in the wilderness - including one that wasn't caught on camera. Once the harsh weather sets in, egalitarian ideals are quickly tested. New episodes will drop every Friday at the same time slot. I agree. In this survival series, only the fittest will survive as they attempt to get a taste of the rugged nomadic lifestyle. They weren't trying to own everything they just know how it has to be and need to get every started and in synch before winter and they just want to do what they want not what is needed. They were bossy and always had to be in control of everything. Does The I Love Lucy Pilot Hold Up Over 50 Years Later? This show reminds me almost of Animal Farm/Socialism. Thank Goodness it ends next week. Rate. Ridiculous plan. OR go to Northern Cali and you will find many Andrews and Jennifers. people like you and then maybe you can make it. Andrew and Jennifer u honestly are the most selfish people ever and I don't like how you say no rules and no one in charge but u both are controlling and lazy !! seem to have envisioned inviting seven (mostly) disparate, strong individual survivalists to their camp and they would somehow organically coalesce into a harmonious "community" without the aid of any leadership or guidance. As friendships are forged, romances brew, and personalities clash, the gang realizes that their common dream of sharing a self-sustaining community is the only thing that keeps them together. I dont think they know how to communicate and they just expect everyone to instinctively know what their master plan is. Nothing new, same as all other reality shows. Whatever she says, goes. Copyright 2023 Distractify. She was the first to fill her plate and it looked filled! They have it in their heads that they are the only ones doing anything for themselves. 2. Its hard to watch. Yeah, I agree with most of the points you raised. They got mad about putting the boats away? I hope the four form their own community and leave Andrew and Jennifer on their own. The CW is developing a reboot of USA's cult sci-fi series The 4400, but fans of the original are first owed a resolution to its cliffhanger ending. Who are they to talk about community with the biggest steaks as the guys outside eat scraps? I am thinking now that has more to do with Andrew and his wife/partner then the difficulty of living their lifestyle. Rate. By LittleIggy, August 22, 2020 in Other Lifestyle Reality Shows. Feels surreal to watch the trailer and remember actually being there. 100 Days Wild (2020- ) Episode List. But it seems that Jennifer and Andrew feel they are the leaders. They are lazy. Year: Season 1. They also arent the first people to be featured in a Discovery show about it. The meal they had with the moose and sweet potatoes and everything and theyve been living off rice and trail mix? Leaving comfortable lives behind, strangers journey to Alaska to chase their dreams of establishing an off-grid community. My Fave Made-For-TV Movies. Im familiar with the show but who made these two leaders? They must band together to forge a self-sustaining colony, which is governed by their own rules. 2. It wasn't even that hard. Andrew knows better than to go against her. with Purchase of Little Giant 17' Ladder - NOW $30 OFF. 1. 100 Days Wild is a documentary series following the establishment of a nomadic, hunter/gatherer community who travel along Alaska's Tanana River. But then I try to pull myself back and think about what the vision that they had and what they thought the season was going to be about and I realize they are probably just stupid. . How come Jennifer is the only one not losing weight like everyone else. Luckily, Frye had the tools he needed to keep himself safe and it mostly boiled down to just three items. Those three are loners. Three cast along with crew were seen in Nenana and departed by boat at various times between September 10th and September 13th, 2019. What else have they done? Year: 2020. But the community would be built and centered at the base camp they have. More purchase . Well, Discovery is treading familiar territories with its own reality show, 100 Days Wild, but minus the unnecessary drama. "100 Days Wild'' premiered last . In addition to figuring out the Alaska landscape as winter approaches, the members will have to navigate their relationships with one another. Founders Jennifer and Andrew have been struggling to build a community based on their egalitarian values and agree to take in new . Dislike the 2 who feel they are in charge. The other camps would be way stations that people stayed at for short hunting trips. Sorry but I am hooked on it. LISTEN NOW on theRADIO.COM App Follow RADIO.COMFacebook|Twitter|Instagram. SO they can now fully devote themselves to this project. This constant Sour pus-lemon face look Jennifer gave to everyone elses requests for meager food rations that they helped to secure cannot all be editing! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The two that are supposedly in charge are worthless. Rate. Surviving the winter is a tough challenge, but the participants have their work cut out for them since they also have to survive each other. Stay in touch with 100 Days Wild next episode Air Date and your favorite TV Shows. . Keep reading for 10 things you didnt know about 100 Days Wild. 100 Days Wild Season 1. Oliver's refusal to help prep fish is the last straw for Andrew and Jennifer, so the outpost founders push the others to force Oliver out. Really it's better for them if it failed because now these guys have come out and built what it would have taken these two lazy individuals 10 years to do. Watch on. ET on Discovery. They don't communicate with others but they expect others to check in with them about all matters. And. how could they have been there 3 years and only 1 cabin was built and no other resources???? We know that '100 Days Wild' is set in Tanana Valley, which is . Now, when it is coming to fruition.

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