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Clements Junior High School will provide an engaging learning environment where diverse learners will acquire the knowledge, skills, and self-discipline necessary to successfully transition into and through high school. Micky Wong, Attendance Clerk (281) 634-2173. Our adult education centres are conveniently located across the city. Additionally, the District does not discriminate against an employee or applicant who acts to oppose such discrimination or participates in the investigation of a complaint related to a discriminatory employment practice. This information will be sent via email to the address associated with Guardian 1 in our student records system. 5 health/. Lemont High School's mission is for all students to become life-long, independent learners and productive citizens in a rapidly changing world. With this in mind, the EMSB offers a full range of academic programs for students looking, learn English or French, complete their secondary school or complete pre-requisites for CEGEP. I can agree with this because I have taken part in computer science, choir, and football. : Endorsements: Arts and Humanities Careers: Students interested in the Actor fine arts, world languages, Movie Director and social studies. One of the only negatives that come to mind is the pressure on the students with their academics. CLASSES: Monday to Friday 5:30 P.M. - 9:30 P.M. Limited space is available. English 1, Geometry A semester course will earn you a credit ( credit awarded at the end of the semester) Ex. You can access the course selection using the links to the right. Content has beenupdated for the 2023-24 course selection process. . 5 Speech 4 Elective Credits, Endorsements: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Who? ), *Final enrollment on athletic team roster will be determined by. Note: If you have obtained a Quebec High School Diploma or have graduated from a Quebec Vocational school you may not be able to register for our Basic English Classes. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. Careers: Robotics Technician Computer Programmer Medical Researcher Engineer Biochemist Microbiologist Environmentalist. 5 health/. Where can I view the recording? Student-Teacher Ratio may not be indicative of class size. 5) 2 LOTE or Computer Programming 1 Physical Education 1 Fine Arts. Im glad of all the opportunities ive been given at Clements, and the opportunities i will continue to get! Im a junior at Clements but ive been here since freshman year. 2022-23 Fall Spirit Day and Pep Rally Schedule, Softball - Varsity -Lamar Consolidated Tournament, 7:00 AM Copyright 2002-2023 Blackboard, Inc. All rights reserved. : Accountant Students interested in Aircraft Controller agriculture, business, Interior Designer accounting, digital Electrician graphics, and architecture. 5) & Professional Communication (. Questions/Procedures about Attendance . ), Course List and Course Selection Guide for the 2023-24 school year, Links to helpful information about Athletics and World Languages, Links to helpful videos related to choosing courses in Skyward, Links to the Course Selection JotForms for current 8th-11th graders, A step-by-step instructional guide to inputting course requests in Skyward, Our course selection process (Scroll to the end for a COMPREHENSIVE FLYER WITH INFORMATION! 5 speech, 6 electives* *Specific elective requirements vary by endorsement. of students and parents agree that there are plenty of clubs and organizations for students to get involved in. In this setting, students are provided an opportunity to discuss their thoughts and feelings regarding issues concerning them. Ms. Laurie Grossman Ms. Regina James Ms. Jennifer DiStefano (SAC) Mr. Darren Gamel Ms. Viney . Over 100 clubs and organizations Ranger Camp in August Open House/ Club night September 2016 We look forward to having you at Clements High School next year!!! Tous les documents et frais sont obligatoires le jour de l'inscription. Students who make the team will be placed in the. Ive had great experiences and i love the school. 5) & Economics (. The course description book and CHS elective offerings are excellent resources to discover more about the wide array of classes offered at CHS. PAID AD: Houston Community College - Center for Health Paid Ad: Fort Bend AFT Course Selection Frequently Asked Questions, Graduation and College Requirements Comparison (PDF). Clements High School is a top rated, public school located in SUGAR LAND, TX. I have thoroughly enjoyed my high school experience there with all the excellent staff members and unique students. Les tudiants doivent se prsenter en personne pour s'inscrire. Requests submitted that do not meet these criteria will not be processed. In Closing. If you dont use it, the Bb footer will slide up. Biochemist Microbiologist Environmentalist, STEM Endorsement Pathways SAMPLE STEM PATHWAYS STEM MATH STEM SCIENCE STEM TECH APPS Algebra I Biology Computer Sci I Geometry Chemistry Algebra II Physics Computer Sci II Pre-Calculus Environmental Science Calculus Chemistry AP Computer Sci III Game Programming STEM CTE PROJECT LEAD THE WAY STEM CTE ENGINEERIN G Introduction to Concepts of Engineering Aerospace Engineering Principles of Manufacturing Biomedical Engineering Design and Problem Solving Capstone: Engineering, Endorsements: Business and Industry Who? I am currently in my senior year at Clements High School and I can honestly say I am glad I went to this school. This is the percentage of students that scored at or above proficiency levels on their state reading/language arts assessment test. Because states implement these tests differently, use caution when comparing this data to data from another state. 5) & Professional Communication (. * Parents/guardians who wish to request an alternative placement for a student in English, Math, Science or Social Studies will be able to do so within the first few steps of the Freshman Elective Course Selection Form. College and Career Readiness Advisor raven. **At registration you will be tested to determine your level. Policies DAA, DIA. 0% found this document useful, Mark this document as useful, 0% found this document not useful, Mark this document as not useful, Save Final Course Selection Future Gr 11 Chs For Later, SPRING 2014 COURSE SELECTION WORKSHEETS FUTURE, Enroll in BOTH course numbers for AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Physics C, Final enrollment to be determined by the Director of each, Fulfills Fine Arts credit/Does not fulfill PE requirement, Dance II or III and will be placed in Drill Team class upon, PE/Dance II is designed for students who have already earned, Fine Arts credit in Dance I(FD113) and want to earn, The following are one semester PE courses , Parent Name: ________________________ Home Phone________________ Daytime Contact#_____________, Course requests for 2014 -15 school year will. If you have any questions, please contact your counselor. This video is applicable for to-be freshmen and will be updated by Jan. 17, 2023. Employment decisions will be made on the basis of each applicants job qualifications, experience, and abilities. View Full Report Card. A full year course will earn you 1 credit (1 credit awarded at the end of the year) Ex. April 9, 2021 Turn off course requests at Middle School in Student Access automatically at midnight. ). Responsive services include personal counseling; crisis counseling; conflict resolution; agency or school system program referral; consultation for parents, teachers or other professionals. FBISD Course Selection Guide (Includes Prerequisites and full course descriptions): CLICK HEREHow to Input Endorsements, Career Plans, and Alternates in Skyward (FBISD): CLICK HERECareer Plans in Skyward: CLICK HERECHS Elective Video: CLICK HERE, Link to FBISD Graduation Requirements: CLICK HERE, Information on Athletic Courses & Periods: Click Here for Info on Athletic Courses, Information on World Languages: Click Here for More Info on World Languages. 5 speech, 6 electives* 2 LOTE, 1 PE, 1 Fine Art, . Stephanie Hoogerwerf, School Nurse (281) 634-2178. 5) 2 LOTE or Computer 1 Physical Education 1 Fine Arts. Si vous tes n au Canada l'extrieur du Qubec: 1) Certificat de naissance avec le nom des parents. At Westmount High School, we take AP one-step further. Examples may include students that took additional advanced math, science, or English classes in middle school and are unable to select the next course in the sequence. I missed the student/Parent Webinar. Additionally, the District does not discriminate against an employee or applicant who acts to oppose such discrimination or participates in the investigation of a complaint related to a discriminatory employment practice. Copyright 2023 Limestone County School District, Career awareness and interest surveys (KUDER), Building test coordinators for all standardized test. After meeting with a counselor, students' selections will be entered into Skyward and no changes can be made until late spring, after the master schedule for the 2023-24 school yearhas been created. Features include a two-story entry, both formals, open concept living area, 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, gameroom & a huge backyard. Our course selection process (Scroll to the end for a COMPREHENSIVE FLYER WITH INFORMATION!) Les tudiants doivent se prsenter en personne pour s'inscrire. Course Requirements: Endorsements FBISD students will have already selected endorsement in Skyward Family Access Students will have the opportunity to change their endorsement. The cost is only $ 100.00 per session, including all fees and books. /Prof Automotive Tech, Endorsements: Public Services Who? If you have obtained a Quebec High School Diploma or have graduated from a Quebec Vocational school you may not be able to register for our Basic English Classes. cot est de seulement 100$ par session, incluant tous les frais et les livres. Attendance Office FAQs. Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. The percentage of students achieving proficiency in math is 72% (which is higher than the Texas state average of 37%) for the 2020-21 school year. Clinic . Here you will find information that you will help you navigate your high school years and beyond. Thanks for your attendance this evening! District Office Hours M-F 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Igniting curiosity, strengthening resilience, and inspiring excellence to empower each students academic journey. Average salary for all teachers within the district. You will find information about colleges, scholarships, testing, course selection along with grade level information. Copyright 2002-2023 Blackboard, Inc. All rights reserved. Materialshave been updated for the 2023-24 course selection process. Course selection forms open the morning of counselor presentations and close at 11:59 pm on the specified dates (see schedule to the left). 97-357 Vendors and Contracts Above $25,000 Cafeteria Services Student Menu - Current Follow the correct link to register for CHS summer school courses. :), Fort Bend Independent School District, TX. 5 speech 6 electives * 2 L OTE, 1 PE, 1 Fine Art, . Foundation Graduation Plan 22 credits 4 English ELA I - III & one advanced 3 Science - Biology, IPC or Chem. I would wish that homework would not be as intense, or scheduling for tests and quizzes could be communicated between departments so that there isn't the pressure of studying for three tests that fall all on the same day. High School . I know it is not like that at every school so I am grateful to be surrounded by people from different backgrounds. Clements Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA), HOSA National Technical Honor Society (HOSA NTHS), National Computer Science Honor Society (NCSHS), RHO KAPPA National Social Studies Honor Society. Im very happy about going to Clements, I enjoy the school a lot. However, the rigorous courses make sure that students learn how to manage their time wisely and how to quickly absorb new information while being organized. These calendars allow counselors and administrators to determine the actual amount of time spent in each of the four program delivery components and in non-school counseling activities. Assistance when students are feeling ill at school. Claremont, California 91711 College and Career Readiness Raven Hollins-Crowder, M. Ed. tx. us/index 2. aspx? 7 National Conference of Firemen and Oilers Contract, Integrated Math - Frequently Asked Questions, Physical Education/Health/Driver Education, Athletic Hall of Fame: Jane (Novak) Cook '79, Athletic Hall of Fame: Robert "Dale" Johnson '61, Athletic Hall of Fame: Russell "Swede" Sandberg '42, Athletic Hall of Fame: Erin (Reiter) Thompson '89, Athletic Hall of Fame: Cheryl (Paxson) Blakney '81, Athletic Hall of Fame: Nick Bromberek '00, Athletic Hall of Fame: Robert Michalek '55, Athletic Hall of Fame: Nikole (Hoster) Callahan '98, Athletic Hall of Fame: "Golden Age of Lemont Football", Athletic Hall of Fame: Thomas Leffler '75, Athletic Hall of Fame: Carolyn (Paxson) Heath '84, Athletic Hall of Fame: Al and Cheryl Senffner, Athletic Hall of Fame: Jason Wilebski '86, Athletic Hall of Fame: Victor Markiewicz '65, Athletic Hall of Fame: Christian Vande Velde '94, Athletic Hall of Fame: 1988 and 1989 Softball Teams, Athletic Hall of Fame: George McDevitt '83, Athletic Hall of Fame: 1979-80 Girls' Basketball Team, Athletic Hall of Fame: Anthony Jordan '91, Athletic Hall of Fame: Suzette (Lesnieski) Sniegowski '76, Athletic Hall of Fame: Valerie (Rydberg) Cole '01, Athletic Hall of Fame: Suzie Rzegocki '07, Athletic Hall of Fame: Kristen (Carvell) Bogun '00, Athletic Hall of Fame: Randy Bromberek '92, Athletic Hall of Fame: Catherine Chappell '03, Athletic Hall of Fame: Eric Michaelsen '81, Athletic Hall of Fame: 1973-74 and 1974-75 Boys' Basketball Teams, Athletic Hall of Fame: Tammy (Jordan) Richter '94, Athletic Hall of Fame: Rhonda (Anderson) Campagna '94, Athletic Hall of Fame: Lisa (Holford) Lafary '85, Athletic Hall of Fame: Cindy (Bromberek) Schuit '88, Athletic Hall of Fame: Brenda (Holford) Smith '81, Athletic Hall of Fame: Eugene Goldsmith '77, Athletic Hall of Fame: Melanie (Waszak) Martinez '10, Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fees, site for Lemont High School. Join the Claremont High School Counseling Team for your grade specific webinar on selecting the right courses for the 2023 - 2024 school year. FBISD exists to inspire and equip all students to pursue futures beyond what they can imagine. Documents originaux; aucune photocopie accepte. Digital Interactive Media Anatomy and Physiology, Pre-AP/Honors /AP Courses (Advanced Placement) Willing to accept higher academic standards Mature enough to work independently Motivated to begin advanced academic curriculum Required to complete summer assignments prior to 1 st day of school, Extra-Curricular Clubs / Athletics Over 100 clubs and organizations at Clements Open House/Club NightSept 2016 Colleges like to see participation on applications Meet new friends and have a sense of belonging Boosts school spirit , EOC Testing End of Course / STAAR 5 EOC tests English I (Reading/Writing) English II (Reading/Writing) Algebra I Biology U. S. History, Future Testing PSAT (preliminary SAT) 9 th & 10 th PSAT/NMSQT 11 th grade Can qualify for National Merit Scholar SAT/ACT 11 th & 12 th grade. In closing. You can use this area for legal statements, copyright information, a mission statement, etc. 5 speech 6 electives * 2 L OTE, 1 PE, 1 Fine Art, . ORIGINAL documents; no photocopies accepted. Please. 5) & Eco (. Cultural Proficiency/Equity/Character Education, Estelle V. Malberg Early Childhood Center, Full-Day Kindergarten Information Session Presentation, Kindergarten and First Grade Registration Information, District Mission Statement and Belief Statements, 13 Things School Board Members Wish People Knew About Them, Special Education / Student Services - old, Fair Funding for Cherry Hill Public Schools, Choosing a High School Program of Studies, Application Procedures For Open Enrollment, Student Placement - Basic Skills Improvement, Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, Blackboard Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated). Niche users from this school are most interested in the following colleges. Up until the specified deadline, you can edit your course selection forms as many times as you would like by accessing the same links on the right. Updated Laminate wood floors & tile throughout entire home. They may present informational programs on topics of interest and informational to the students. Please contact your school district to verify school assignment for your child. **This form is intended to request a course where a student meets the pre-requisite but is unable to choose the course in Skyward Family Access. This is the percentage of 12th graders who graduated. Education is a life-long process. How do I access the Course Selection Form? The teachers average 11 years of experience in teaching. Create a 4 Year Plan Refer to the FBISD Course Guide for more detailed information. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement coursework and exams. Ms. Carly Friedman Ms. Carli Clements Ms. Tracye Walsh . . REMINDER Middle school counselors will field any questions 8 th graders have about online input. Special Course Request JotForm: Click HERE! Cheerleader tryouts will take place in the Spring. The school spirit of everyone on campus is outstanding! Counselors will meet individually with students and finalize course selections by mid-February. The. 5 speech, 6 electives* *Specific elective requirements vary by endorsement. (909) 624-9053 Phone | (909) 398-0350 Fax, 170 W. San Jose Ave., Claremont, California 91711. Number of students name=HB 5. homepage, Course Requirements: Endorsements Select endorsement in Skyward Family Access Opportunity to change their endorsement Final endorsement must be indicated in writing and signed by the parent, Fort Bend Independent School District Distinguished Level of Achievement Graduation Plan 26 credits Student must fulfill the Graduation requirements of at least one of the five Endorsements below and successfully complete Algebra II. High School Course Selection Booklet; Summer Reading; Title I Information; Full-Day Kindergarten Information Session Presentation; Kindergarten and First Grade Registration Information; . Through classroom guidance, counselors establish a rapport with students, clarify and present information, relieve anxiety and teach new behaviors. According to state test scores, 75% of students are at least proficient in math and 85% in reading. or Physics & one advanced 3 Math - Algebra I, Geometry & one advanced 3 Social Studies - World Geography or World History, US History, Government (. Winter 2022-3 BASIC ENGLISH REGISTRATION INFORMATION. : Career in engineering Careers: computer science Robotics Technician Computer Programmer Strength in math, Medical Researcher science, design, and Engineer problem solving. Soccer - Men's JVB vs Ridge Point, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Clements High School Unclaimed 4200 Elkins Road, Sugar Land, TX 77479 Contact info Website 8 /10 GreatSchools Rating 23 reviews Awards Public school 2,548 Students Grades 9-12 8 /10 GreatSchools Summary Rating 9/10 Test Scores above average 7/10 Student Progress above average 9/10 College Readiness above average 9/10 Equity above average Health, Professional Communications (Speech), Required Courses for Distinguished Levels of Achievement Graduation per FBISD English 4 credits Math 4 credits Science 4 credits Social Studies 3 credits (recommend 4) PE 1 credit Fine Arts 1 credit World Language 2 credits (same language) Health (. 5 health/. com/Page/984 Online learning by district approved provides and distance learning may be available for some courses. You will have the opportunity to talk to various sponsors and coaches to learn about the opportunities available to you. The school is part of FORT BEND ISD. End of Course Science (Clements High School) 50.7: 33.9 16.8% End of Course Science (Limestone County) 41: 30.1 11% End of Course Science (Alabama) 42.6: 31.7 10.9%: Student Body. You can access the course selection using the links to the right. Endorsements: Arts and Humanities Who? If you were born outside Canada, ONE of the following documents: * Confirmation of Permanent Residency (IMM5292, IMM5688, IMM1000), * Certificat de selection du Quebec (CSQ) with category RA or R8 with a study permit, * a Valid medicare card or drivers licence as proof of Quebec residency, 1) Quebec Birth Certificate, Long Version, 2) Valid medicare card or drivers licence as proof of Quebec residency. Clements High School Course Selection Video 22-23 - YouTube Clements High School Course Selection Video 22-23 CHS CTV 402 subscribers Subscribe 0 Share 2 views 2 minutes ago Show more Show more. We will strive to: Establish a safe, orderly, and healthy learning environment. Our best Fbisd Course Selection High School - Le cot est de seulement 100$ par session, incluant tous les frais et les livres. 97-0609, Local No. College and Career Readiness Advisor raven. aspx? 5 health/. of students and parents agree that the teachers give engaging lessons. Niche ranks nearly 100,000 schools and districts based on statistics and millions of opinions from students and parents. Clements High School Course Selection Spring 2019 Graduation Slides: 27 Download presentation Clements High School Course Selection Spring 2019 Graduation Requirements Foundation only 22 credits Foundation + Endorsement 26 credits Distinguished levels of Achievement 26 credits What is a Credit? Open doors to higher learning with adult education programs. Provides auto-suggestions when entering text. There is not a single race that is not present at the school. Counselors often meet with students in a small group setting to deal with particular themes or topics such as: School counselors visit the classroom setting for a variety of reasons. Bush map 6707 FM 1464 Courses 81 View detail Preview site Students must be logged into their CUSD google accounts to access the course selection form. Based on student and parent reviews of clubs and activities. Course selection; Diploma options; Update/review four-year plan; Transcripts; Letters of Recommendation . Online application via Technical Education Center website is required. Students may also visit the Counseling Office during office hours and lunch time to talk with a counselor. Students must be logged into their CUSD google accounts to access the course selection form. 7730 U.S. HWY 72 | Athens, AL 35611 PH: 256.729.6564 | FX: 256-729-1029 Counselor's Fax: 256-998-5281 And Training Principles of Human Services Human Growth & Development Fashion Design Human Growth & Development Anatomy and Physiology Instructional Practices in Ed. Members of the Class of 2027 will receive course placement and elective course selection information by the end of the week of January 16, 2023. Want to know more about selecting courses? Business & Industry Automotive Principles of Business, Marketing, & Finance Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance Business Information Management Sports & Entert. Note: Si vous avez obtenu un diplme d'tudes secondaires du Qubec ou avez obtenu votre diplme d'une cole professionnelle du Qubec, il se peut que vous ne puissiez pas vous inscrire nos cours d'anglais de base. 1 week ago Web Schools / Homepage - Fort Bend ISD great Clements High School school profile, performance trends and AL state ranking. Information about your use of this site is shared with Google. To contact the school, call (281) 634-2150. : Interested in the fine arts, world languages, and social studies Careers: Actor Movie Director Translator Ambassador Musician, Arts and Humanities Endorsement Pathways SAMPLE ARTS AND HUMANITIES ENDORSEMENT PATHWAYS Arts & Humanities Social Studies World Geography World History U. S. History Government Economics Arts & Humanities World Lang. Chef Architect Careers: Endorsements: Public Services Careers: Students who love helping Teacher others and are interested in Social Worker law enforcement, fire Fighter fighting, education, the military, or government. 5) Electives 6 credits, Required Core Courses: English- 4 Credits English III English IV, Required Core Courses for Distinguished : Math Algebra I Geometry Algebra 2 ( required for STEM) Advanced Measures, Science Biology Chemistry or Physics or IPC Advanced Science Many universities require both Chemistry and Physics( required for STEM endorsement), Social Studies World Geography (all CHS 9 th graders take first) World History US History Government (1/2 credit) / Economics (1/2 credit) State only requires 3 Social Studies credits, but FBISD recommends 4, World Language 2 credits in the SAME World Language Example Spanish I WL credit #1 Spanish II WL credit #2, Fine Arts 1 Credit Must be full credit of one of the following: Choir Band Orchestra Dance (FA) Theatre Arts Art Floral Design, Physical Education 1 Credit can be obtained from the following: P. E. Team Sports and P. E. Individual Sports Athletics Marching Band ( must choose PE substitution course number in addition to band) JROTC Dance (PE) Cheerleading (Fall semester only), Health & Professional Communications Health Education Class credit/one semester class Professional Communications(Speech) Credit / one semester class, Electives Available for 9 th Grade Not all electives are listed refer to FBISD Course Guide Agriculture Business, Marketing & Finance Debate I (participation in camps/tournaments not required) Journalism JROTC (waives PE credit) Principles of Health Science (will NOT replace Health credit) Engineering Technology, Additional TEA Information Additional information regarding the TEA proposals for House Bill 5 http: //www.

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