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I take this into consideration when shopping there. As the cashier rang my items she asked if i wanted them wrapped(picture frames) about 15. Name Server. Ross will only offer an exchange in case the software turns out defective. Is a Ross Dress for Less catalog available? Immediately after, visited 3rd Ross store and found the remaining towels to complete the 4 sets. I tried to do a gift exchange and was expecting cash like any other store I would do this at cuz honestly I don't like their merchandise at all here and it's very disorganized and messy clothes and other items on the floor everywhere associates are rude and yelled at us when we tried to return items when they said I couldn't return it unless I have the card it was purchesed on with me when all I really needed was the gift receipt and the item with the tag on it witch I had this commercial palms location needs to be shut down or changed because I'm not shopping at Ross ever again because of this. I had. Remember any broken or damaged items can't be returned. I have never had a problem with my return. I shop at ross often and spend way too much money to be insulted like this and will not be shopping here again! . There was no change in price on any of the other like items in the store but they would only refund half the value. Last Saturday, I went to Ross in Philadelphia (Cedarbrook shopping center) to return a blouse that I brought one day prior. Ok Ross thanks for stealing my cash & only giving me credit voucher & took my $6.99 item without adding to refund & only thing i kept original purchase was $3.99 so math doesn't even add up to put ALL on voucher! I am a Ross employee. Ok, i get that hovever, as I proceed to shop I find the same exact shoes with the $21.99 tag on them. I am not sure if this is a new policy or that the cashier did not know the return policy which is sad!! Went to Ross at the Kendall and US1, Miami, Fl. I walked over to the counter where a woman named Stacy was working. Be prepared to assembly, debit card company or debit cards. Tap debit card. They apologized and said that they couldn't do anything about it. She can't use anything with shoelaces because she forgot how it works, and she does not want to admit it that she has a problem. For a description of Ross Dress for Less giving programs, please visit Supporting Our Communities. Ok so I am not one to ever leave a bad review on a place cause I know how it feels but I went Into the Ross in spring hill last night and port Richey today and I just have to say that both were Terrible not one person greeted me not one person smiled there was one nice lady with short black hair at the one n port Richey actually apologized for not being able to take back a perfume I literally just bought last night that hasn't even been sprayed and I had the receipt and everything.the manager was very rude and had an attitude like I'm sorry no one likes working but contrary to popular belief ur still it supposed to look like u are completely miserable and hate ur life when ur at work the negative energy makes me never want to go back into those stores. I understand if I was returning for any other reason, but we are talking about a defective product and one day off. When you make a purchase on a credit card then request a refund for that purchase, you won't be able to receive cash. For example, you can exchange a purse you changed your mind on for a pair of shoes and just pay the difference. Well, I'm not one of them!!! To maintain our great prices, we keep all aspects of our business simple. Don't get mad at Ross employees over the policy. ross return policy debit card $12,000 in 1858 worth today. If Ross offered clothing rentals you'd have no problem, but it doesn't. I wish I had gotten the ladies name but they are both managers,one with long brown hair the other with reddish blonde hair. If you are having trouble accessing information on the Ross Dress for Less website, please call 8003351115 for assistance. If you abuse the system or make too many return without a receipt, your return WILL be declined. Lets get started. With Ross, it's better to really think before you buy. Spring Hill Florida, I just left Ross trying to make a return of a water kettle, not a sand kettle not an air kettle or a dirt kettle A water kettle. They advised that they could not make the adjustment. No, I think youll have to settle for store credit. In most cases your refund will automatically go back to the original form of payment used for the purchase. This past visit I encountered a rude and non professional employee. Over a 2 day period, I visited 3 different Ross stores in order to purchase four. I Had My Receipt And Used Cash. WHY??? To start, you'll need to create a vendor credit to hit the expense accounts used for the vendor: Go to the + New button. You can call Customer Service number 1-800-335-1115. with the purchase receipt. Next day I returned one clothes of about $40. I was told by wiman in returns that once you remove the tags they cannot take back. All returns are subject to system verification. She was clearly annoyed at me for bringing in returns which I could tell by her immediate hostile order to not touch what was in my bag because she would take. People sitting here saying I am not going to shop at Ross anymore, REALLY!!!!! So being that they are a discount store they don't have the luxury to ship the "defected" or "altered" items back to the manufacturer for a replacement/credit etc., Ross bought the product from a store like Macy's or Nordstroms for example as basically a "hand me down" at a good deal but with risks associated because they no longer have the insurance provided from the manufacturers that Macy's/Nordstroms had. Some types of refunds are not accepted! Ross gives you 30 days from the date of purchase to return items. Those were purchased on the very 1st receipt where I used both store credit and Discover card. Debit Card A debit card is a plastic card that provides the cardholder electronic access to his/her bank account(s). Had an awful experience, bought a nice bag for 70$ what I thought but the bag has scratch's and zippers are bad and now they are refusing to work with me, never had so much issues with as now. Lately the underpants for women are so low quality, only nylon and polyester and all of them fall down when you wear them . I walked over the Ross by my work. Why can't Ross honor a legitimate mistake. The Fine Jewelry return policy is the same as the store return policy with one addition: all Fine Jewelry returns or exchanges must have the original ticket attached AND be accompanied by a receipt. Would the Christmas policy happen to grant Mercy upon the Christmas return without a Gift receipt for store credit at least? If a return is as allowed by your company's return policy, make sure your managers are trained to issue a credit to the same card account that was used for the original transaction. Once again once you open the fragrance or perfume it is considered altered. Ask me why I do not know, that is a corporate question. I had this kind of incident happen to me two other times at another Ross location. If you try to return an item without the tag but with a receipt, then we have to check the description. I have purchased a pair of white boots from Ross's. I had never removed ANY of the tags from the purse - the manufacture tag and the Ross price tag were still attached. Their return policies really stink. I'm very unhappy with the return/refund policy. My measly 41.00 dollars,with my 3 non receipt in a year's time apparently is going to bankrupt Ross. My Godwhat happened to customer service? As a Ross employee I'll clarify some of these incidents for you. I think I have a receipt. She suggested to call the store I had purchased my purse from, as they can look up transactions of the day. Which i spent $250+. So just keep these things in mind. Yes, you can. It's fine to make a comparison, but expecting Ross to handle things the way TJ MAXX does will not happen. I have been a loyal Ross shopper for a very long time. It's not big deal to keep recipes. Niada Car. While 30 days is a little tight on a return policy I will say I haven't had any problems working within their guidelines. I was really disappointed in the managements way of rudely handling this. I noticed the machine did not display the tax return so I asked the cashier and she asked the cashier next to her and said, "it does it automatically." If you don't have the invoice, simply call 1-800-888-0321. You will receive a refund as a store credit or can also choose to exchange the item at its current price. Ross operates 30 days return policy for most of its products; if the product you wish to return is unused, unworn and in original condition, you will get refund to your original mode of payment.However, if you are unable to present your item for return in 30 days, you will be eligible for exchange, or you will get store credit for the amount you paid for the product. I picked exactly the same pair of shoe from the store and asked her to show me the difference between these 2 shoes. Web: city car driving simulator 4. ross return policy clearance items. I bought snow boots that were $49.99 and the second time I wore them they ripped and water got in them. As a Ross employee I'll clarify some of these incidents for you. Does anyone know if this is true or had similar experience? Could not return summer items given as gift. Ross has the WORST return policy. I went back inside not even 30minutes later and they said oh you opened the packaging so it's considered altered. After some research, it turns out Ross DOES INDEED have a separate return policy for holiday and Christmas purchases. THE WORST, when buying something at Ross, go home to find it broken and not usable and the store will not do anything about it. Get it together Ross. If you WASH the article it becomes non-returnable. Also, Ross dress for less return policy restricts any type of refunds, exchanges, or store credits if the item is used, worn, or altered in any way. Hi i have item that i purchase year 2015 and all item has a pricr tag but can i still return the items. Lingere must be returned in the exact same conditioned it was purchased as meaning all tags attached along with hanger and must have a receipt. A signature may still be required for returns with a receipt as well. Here's what you'll need to ensure the return goes smoothly: Ask the Reader: Do you like the return policy at Ross or do you find it a little bit stingy? Register will say "please wait" and prompt the customer for their card and pin. Merchandise returns without a receipt will require a valid picture ID and if approved by the refund system, will be refunded in the form of a store credit or exchanged at the items current selling price. If you have trouble accessing this website, please call 8003351115. So, I wanted to exchange but cashier didn't let me. However my advice to you as my fellow consumers are as follow: Agreed with below comment 100% they should really. The tags are still on and everything. I didn't go inside because I didn't feel like you g to JAIL today I have never been treated so horribly by someone in retail especially when I did nothing wrong except return shoes that didn't fit my niece!! They said it took a couple days for the credit to post. Daily health checkups of all the associates working in the store. Ross reserves the right to refuse or accept the returns made by any consumer at its stores. If you want to give an item as a gift, just cross off the price but leave the rest of the tag there. Walmart Standard Return Policy. My experience at Ross' in Catonsville, MD was terrible. Their explanation was that it was their policy, just like that! 10 percent note from a customer at the time of a product sale. Having a receipt will marginally increase the chances of your return request getting accepted. How can a cashier and manager tell me what I purchased. For additional inquiries not addressed in the above FAQ, please use this form to contact us. My mother was a seamstress when she purchased clothing that may have had a few buttons missing or the zipper was ripped out of it, those are things that are easily replaceable. I left the purchase on the counter and it will be a cold day in July before I set foot in any Ross store again. Tjmax will give you cash back even if you buy your items with a debit card, but Ross does not. I put down my purchases and walked out of the store. When I got my quote for what I was gonna get offered as a ft asst at a "TRILLION DOLLAR STORE", I honestly thought my district mgr was joking. Ross Stores uses a refund verification system. I am sitting here reading some of the most ridiculous complaints from people. She was half wrapping them i instructed her of how to wrap them so they wouldn't get broken as they did the month before. (24.99• .09000= 2.2491) It is not so much the tax return I was fighting for, but for the principle. Do Gift Cards and Store Credits expire? For those of you inquisitive about why they ask for ID, it's because this information guess into a store database as well as a nationwide database that tracks your returns. You can do the contactless payment options as well for more safety. I got a gift a shoulder purse but I can't use it because of my shoulder problems and pain. It was in new, mint, as-sold-as condition with the receipt. Now he's out $21.00. Went to return a pair of shoes without a receipt. I bought cologne here for 44$ and returned it 2days later with no rexcept, unopened. two different colors and would decide later which color to keep. The customers can request a return within 30 days. Your Estimated Total rental rate is calculated based on the information provided at time of reservation. Layton - you've lost my business. I bought a pair of sandals and did not try them on u til I got home. When I went to exchange it was 31 days from purchase date. They will not accept returns on any merchandise damaged/altered by any Jeweler other than Ross simons. She said items go on sale every week. If I don't have the receipt, can I get store credit? Visit the nearest store. If Ross offered clothing rentals you'd have no problem, but it doesn't. Any relationship counselor will tell u that. 13. I have these and receipt also like I mentioned. I decorated my whole house from Ross and yes it requires a lot of returns exchanges etcIt is a normal process for over $5000 on purchases like I made. For information about Associate resources, please You returned your items within a day after you bought it (with a receipt), you were able to return them but they ultimately required you show your ID.. so one of there RULES is "returns within 24 hours require ID" and im sure it states this on the back of the receipt, they do this to protect there investment/company from scammers whose tricks are utilized in the first 24 hours, one example a criminal collects used receipts from the trash in front of the store, Then uses the receipts which form of payment was cash/or debit which limits the uses of the receipt, then he/she simply connects the dots and finds the items in the store, steals them to return at another location or simply walks straight to the customer service to return for cash, or gets karma and only receives store credit.. I scroll down to read the comments and I've never seen so many idiots who think they are entitled to everything. So the following day, I tried to retrieved it unfortunate I cannot find my receipt. 2023 Ross Stores, Inc. All rights reserved. The associate that came over to help was rude as well. How long does a refund take to appear on my creditdebit. I have been shopping at Ross since I was 18. You now know all the important points that can make your return possible following the Ross return policy. The company gives the Walter treatment "Get Your Sh*t and Get Out!" Manager said the employee at check out shouldve told me. The person probably wants it back on their debit card (rather than a voucher). I then asked where does it say to the customer that if you return without a receipt and all tags on item that you get whatever the system says you get? Bought it one day before, the lady said since I didn't have the tags she couldn't return them. ross return policy debit card Call us today! This, too, must be new policy. ANY item you return, it is important to always keep track of your receipt and the price tag. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, return the merchandise accompanied by a register receipt within 30 days of purchase for an exchange or refund in the original form of tender. All the unused and original items are valid for in-store returns. I was honestly insulted. Manager and associate both said "do what you gotta do." As an associate, I don't always rely on the description but, I ALWAYS rely on the SKU#. Since I purchased it oct 31 and not nov 1 I was not able to get my cash back and had to get store credit that he cant use. They did not have another belt to exchange so I wanted.a refund. Bothered by the encounter, I searched the internet for a statement of your return policy and saw no requirement for ID, certainly no requirement specifying a federal ID. Getting Skimmed. i really did not have time to argue about the whole transaction. Please do not include sensitive or personal information such as credit/debit card number, Social Security number, drivers license number or banking information in your message. Crooks can attach small digital readers to gas pumps that let you swipe your card to pay without going into the store. I told the cashier it better not be damaged BC IT IS A GOWN! $7.00, paid with check. I shared the information with the woman who went back to the manager who gave her the credit. So they really don't lose too much revenue when items are torn, broken or destroyed. Am I going to be able to return or exchange them if it's more than 30 days due to temporary store closures? On the 21st of January I went to return a shirt for 5.00 dollas to get a store credit as I did not have the receipt. Clothing I try on at home, as I do not trust the stalls in the store. Also, I explained to her that the other Ross stores I have been to for a return in the past have always displayed the tax return as well. Tell you what Ross, you can keep you your disorganized stores, mediocre personnel, and merchandise. I did call and ask to speak to the Manager and she apologized, but turned around and said it is Ross' policy to take a return in front of any customer.

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