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: "Journey to the depths of hell"), "Fengslet i Utlandet" (Eng. Banged Up Abroad season 13 episode 10 Miami Mobster Take Down : When Miami mobster Tony Galeota opens a club in Panama City, the competition frames him for drug dealing and human trafficking. When Kahlilah Saleem meets big-shot music producer Roy her life is completely transformed. Rising swiftly through the ranks, John buries his conscience to become a notorious Mafia hitman for John Gotti. Locked Up Abroad. But when he opens a new club in Panama City, the competition isn't happy and frames him for drug dealing and human trafficking. Two British backpackers who were held hostage by guerillas. From then on their lives hang in the balance as the American military pound the City and the journalist face execution and torture and witness scenes few westerners have ever survived. Garrain Jones moves to L.A and launches a modeling career. You need to install or update your flash player. True stories of ordinary people who ended up miles from home, in a foreign land in a situation beyond their worst nightmares. Zara Whittaker, from a poverty-ridden housing project in South London, left behind her 8 month old baby, to go to Barbados and smuggle cocaine back. An extended look at a gangster turned informer, Kenji Gallo. Your account has been verified! Briton David Scott tells the story of finding his soulmate in the Philippines - and risking a 14-year prison sentence for adultery. In 2009, South Africans Debbie Callitz and Bruno Pelizarri sell everything to buy a yacht and pursue their dream of sailing to India. Today's Netflix Top 10 Rankings; Champion skier Nick Brewer begins selling pills in France. For a while, Panama's pay-to-play culture suited Galeota just fine. Galeota's sheer size and mob connections are the only things keeping him from getting shivved in the . But when Roy offers Kahlilah the chance to travel to Panama to see the Carinval, her hopes are turned upside-down. Henry Hill of 'Goodfellas' tells the true story of his rise and fall in the mob. and the Billy the boxer fights the horrors of a Thai prison. Unaware that its illegal in Jamaica, the women are caught and must survive together in an overcrowded, pest-infested jail. Locked Up Abroad. Dancer Andrea defies gender norms when she becomes an international success in the cocaine business before the Australian authorities catch up to her. Blackmailed by two corrupt Baltimore cops, a local drug dealer has no choice but to go undercover and collect evidence against them for the FBI. Money. But when Michael takes on a bigger job as a favour for Andre, he is caught smuggling cocaine, and sentenced to 10 years in a Dominican prison. But the hassle had taken its toll on him. 44:26. browse. When US Naval Officer Lemar Burton's wife and son leave him, he turns to partying all night with his best friend Dom. A man embarks on a sideline as a bootlegger in Saudi Arabia. Desperate for money but suspecting a trap, Clare reluctantly picks up the fax. By day she's pulling poses on the beach, and by night she's packing meth into gift sets, until one journey brings her whole world crashing down. "I was just numb." Veteran soldier Brett heads to India to overcome his PTSD, but instead is tempted into smuggling weed out of the Himalayas and into Europe. Tony had family in London and Zoe and Olu invited him to stay in their house. The 43-year-old is shaped like a mini refrigerator: short and squat, with a shaved head and wide-set emerald eyes. Most episodes feature stories of people who have been arrested while travelling abroad, usually for trying to smuggle illegal drugs, although some episodes feature people who were either kidnapped or captured while they were either travelling or living in other countries. Michael Morey was a music-loving hippie who fell in love with a woman he met in Trinidad. Dolokhov Character Analysis, While there she falls in love with a man named Phillip, the relationship turns into her worst nightmare. Locked up in La Joya, one of the worst prisons in the world, Galeota must fight for his life, prove his innocence and attempt an audacious escape back to the United . A few months later, he called Zoe from Ecuador begging her for help to re-new his visa so he could return to the UK and make a fresh start. Discover the true story behind the Oscar-winning film 'Argo', and Mendez's daring plan to rescue six diplomats during the Iranian hostage crisis. Reptile smuggler Tom Crutchfield flees the feds in Belize. : "Prisoner Abroad"), "Banged up Abroad", "Trouble in Paradise" (7mate), "Banged up Abroad", "Preso en el Extranjero", "Banged up Abroad" and "Locked up Abroad"; French version: "Voyage d'enfer" (Eng. Short on cash, he concocts a plan to scam people seeking to buy engines, but a buyer who catches on ends up leading him deeper into crime. Englishman Shaun was seduced by the money and glamour of drug dealing. Michael James Duggar, Steve Peterson's marijuana operation was going to plan until Mexican cops drove past. And multiple sources close to Fainberg say he was pressured to rat out Seidle but refused. At age 28, Tim Schrader left Australia to work as an English teacher in Bangkok. For the next task, Alex, who has never been south of Juarez, will have to drive deep Falsely imprisoned in Mexico, Carlos must get tough to survive. Heather Eblings dream trip to Colombia turns sour when shes arrested for drugs. She never thought anything could go wrong - her partner in crime had done it 12 times before. 75%. In the airport, Michael was almost caught twice: once by a chewing gum wrapper setting off a metal detector, and later by a guard with a German Shepherd. By day shes pulling poses on the beach, and by night shes packing meth into gift sets, until one journey brings her whole world crashing down. Tap "Sign me up" below to receive our weekly newsletter with updates on movies, TV shows, Rotten Tomatoes podcast and more. He spent the next eleven years in a spiraling prison nightmare which in culminated in him being declared dead in a prison mortuary. Jimmy opens a bar in Thailand and is busted dealing meth. Banged Up Abroad: Prison Nightmares recounts some of the worst prison stays experienced by . She has no idea why he is not there to meet her - until he calls. Porky's, a garishly lit club on Okeechobee Road in Hialeah, has been closed for a decade, but it lives on in the memory of 'Fat Tony' Galeota, who managed the joint. Duane Wollum was about to make some easy money smuggling cocaine until an airport security check revealed that he was concealing a package. Nonton Banged Up Abroad - English Documentary TV series di Disney+ Hotstar sekarang. Drug dealer Charles Falco is facing life in prison. When the Mafia put a hit on his life, Frank entered the witness-protection programme and lifted the lid on criminal activity in Las Vegas. Miami Mobster Take Down S12 E10 1 May 2020. Unable to endure the prospect of a lifetime behind bars she attempts suicide but fails. Within weeks of its April 2011 opening, the club was raking in $6,000 on good nights. Banged Up Abroad: Crime & Punishment: Rise To Fall Latin pop star Jimmy Bauer smuggles heroin from the Dominican Republic. S11 E4 - Declassified: Undercover Crack Dealer. Drug dealer Pieter Tritton is forced to go on the run. "I wouldn't leave a dog in that prison, let alone my husband.". Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! A struggling Latino pop star risks all by smuggling heroin. But her party lifestyle spirals out of control, and she needs more money. A police informant is swept up in a biker gang murder. Episode 1: Mexico/Declassified: Mexican Cartel Takedown. Californian Tom Hanway's venture to South America to trade LSD for cocaine goes awry, forcing him to flee Chile as a fugitive. But when he was finally caught, he was sent to a notoriously brutal prison. Anthony Galeota was born October 17, 1968, on Long Island. He faces moral temptation and life-changing decisions, all as he works out what's more important to him. A young American dancer is sent to the "Bangkok Hilton.". Little did he know that the price of telling the story would be more than a year in captivity. The Basics. Single mom Melanie Di Egidio is set up by her Colombian contact during her drug run to Ecuador. The two fled Panama into Costa Rica via boat and hid out until they could get their passports stamped which would allow them to leave Costa Rica. Scott Campbell can't wait to go traveling in China with his estranged father Lockie, and then he finds out his dad is secretly planning to smuggle 20 kilos of cannabis. Succeeding in the chauvinistic drug-world. Eddie Padilla is living the 'high life' and drug smuggling to support his cocaine habit. The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth: Season 8, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Season 1, Link to Marvel Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer, Link to The Most Anticipated TV & Streaming Shows of March 2023. X. . Hope we see you again! Struggling single mom Melanie is caught smuggling heroin. Actor Erik Aude was tricked into smuggling opium. Join the Community. Since 2006, there have been a total of 13 regular series, plus a special series called Kidnapped Abroad. Menu. Julie meanwhile has gone to meet him in Amsterdam. Shaun Attwood left England to be a stockbroker in America. In a notorious prison in Baghdad, they are forced to listen to fellow inmates being tortured to death. He didn't need the money. Copyright Fandango. It is aired as "Locked up Abroad" on National Geographic Channel and "Banged up Abroad" on National Geographic Adventure and Mediacorp Okto. He soon finds himself wanting to be a mobster, and starts running errands for them. Episode 10: Panama/Miami Mobster Take Down. A civilian truck driver for the U.S. military is taken hostage by insurgents in war-torn Iraq. But when the house of cards tumbles, John must choose between his family and his oath to the Mob. Struggling musician David Evans agrees to smuggle cocaine from Venezuela to Europe. Tom Hanway fled a Chilean jail with a fellow prisoner. The convicted or captured are shown talking about their experiences, combined with dramatic reenactments of their respective experiences. But when he's busted in Mexico City and sent to the 'Black Palace' prison, his life becomes a living hell. In 2003, Zoe McGarry's life changed forever after a chance encounter with a man called Tony. Two incredible stories of American heroes: Vietnam prisoners of war Senator John McCain and Ernest Brace find a way to survive imprisonment together, forging a lifelong friendship. $1.99. The trip took an unwelcome turn when he was kidnapped. He feels untouchable and agrees to smuggle and swallow a kilo of cocaine back from Peru, only to face the biggest adrenalin kick of his life and seal his fate forever. A fantasy vacation in Mauritius turned into a seven-year nightmare when Brigene Young was busted for smuggling drugs hidden in her shoes. : "Imprisoned Abroad"), " " (Eng. Jackie Nichols was living the dream, in love with her boyfriend until one day he suddenly died in a car accident. In July 2008, Australian photojournalist Nigel Brennan travels with Canadian reporter Amanda Lindhout to report on the war in Somalia. Miami Mobster Take Down: Directed by Robin Dashwood. When caught at Bangkok airport shes sentenced to life at a notorious Bangkok prison. Tarzan and Tony even toured a Russian naval base and posed near a submarine . Thanks to the efforts of his father in securing a top criminal lawyer, Brendan received a sentence of four years rather than the 25 demanded by the prosecution. As he sweated in jail, Galeota's Panamanian empire crumbled. The episodes focus on the events leading up to the arrest or time in captivity. New York Seltzer Vanilla Cream Soda, In 1977 Jake Stanford was fresh out of high school and headed off to Mexico in search of adventure and excitement. : "Banged up abroad"), "Voyage au bout de l'enfer" (Eng. Travel-loving Bronwyn Atherton finds herself on the road to destruction when shes lured into the shady world of international drug-smuggling. A drug dealer goes undercover to infiltrate a deadly biker gang; a Hasidic man is an unexpected smuggler. But in Mexico his life is changed forever when he's falsely imprisoned and tortured for drug smuggling. But he insists that, for once, he has done nothing wrong. In Jamaica, TK White and her girlfriend are funding their vacation by smuggling marijuana. Now Gangster turned informant he works his way up the world of organised crime infiltrating the heights of mafia royalty in New York, before a planned hit threatens to destroy his entire world. Eddie tells the story of his daring escape. In 1999, heartbroken Londoner Clare Matthews decides to travel to Goa, India. An ambitious DEA agent goes after a notorious Mexican cartel leader but gets sucked into a dark and treacherous world where the lines between good and evil are blurred. A troubled young father goes on the run to Spain to avoid a small prison sentence. [3] He was arrested and convicted of smuggling and racketeering and spent thirty months in jail before his trial, and was convicted. An American kid from El Paso drops out of high school and tries to make easy money by smuggling marijuana for some drug-running brothers from Mexico. Struggling Single mom Melanie Di Egidio risks all in exchange for a quick buck, but when the plan goes wrong Melanie is busted with 6 kilos of heroin, caught up in a high-profile sting and sent to a tough Ecuadorian prison. , and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes. Meth dealer Jimmy is busted in Thailand and sent to prison. Locked up in one of the world's worst prisons, Tony has to prove his innocence and attempt an audacious escape. Can he prove his innocence and escape? Tweets. Travelers share stories of being arrested in foreign countries. The story of how three hustlers schemed to sell a Soviet submarine to a Colombian drug cartel for $35 million. Cynthia's estranged husband uses the Philippines' adultery laws to have them thrown in jail. Did they manage to escape prison and make it home? Locked Up Abroad goes inside his harrowing story of survival. To escape a life of poverty, a young Chicago gangster is drawn into smuggling drugs for a dangerous Mexican cartel, until the day it all goes wrong. The 43-year-old is shaped like a mini refrigerator: short and squat, with a shaved head and wide-set emerald eyes. SEASON 12. ", Episode 4: Somalia/Somali Pirate Hostage Hell, Episode 6: Libya/Gadaffi's American Prisoner, Episode 1: Ecuador/Breaking Bad in Britain, Episode 4: Sudan/Double Crossed in the Desert, Episode 3: Dominican Republic/Caribbean Coke King. When schoolteacher Howard Marks agrees to help an old friend finish off a drug deal, it's the start of his new career. A young Chicago gangster escapes from a life of poverty when he starts smuggling drugs for a Mexican cartel, but then it all goes wrong. When police raid his cocaine lab, drug dealer Pieter Tritton is forced to go on the run but he can't resist collecting one final shipment from Ecuador. Locked up in La Joya, one of the worst prisons in the world, Galeota must fight for his life, prove his innocence and attempt an audacious escape back to S10 E10 Miami Mobster Take Down. Stephen Sutton finds himself battling both tuberculosis and hostile inmates as he begins serving an 11-year prison sentence and wondering if he will make it out this nightmare alive. He loved the teaching and the nightlife but was struggling financially, so he agreed to participate in a scam. An arms dealer goes undercover to stop a terrorist plot. Canadian rising hockey star Ryan Phillips smuggles marijuana into the US. But Tabitha is about to enter a world far darker than the one she's escaping. He soon finds himself dealing ecstasy and living the high life. Episode 5: United States/Declassified: A King's Ransom. A teacher becomes the kingpin of an MDMA operation. Tony Galeota's shaved head fairly glows with nostalgia as he remembers the days when you might have strolled into his Hialeah . : "Dangerous Journey"), "Fra Paradis til Helvede" (Eng. He uses steroids purchased illegally in Mexico, printing counterfeit cash to buy them. Miami mobster Tony Galeota is locked up in Panama after being framed for drug dealing and human trafficking. She met him in Nigeria while visiting the country with her Nigerian husband Olu, and they soon all became close friends. But life in the fast lane soon takes its toll on her finances and she decides the only way to keep the dream alive is to use her beauty brand as a ruse to ship drugs. He soon finds himself wanting to be a mobster, and starts running errands for them. Adventure-seeker Thomas Hamill took a job driving trucks in Iraq, leading to terrifying spell in captivity after being kidnapped by insurgents. : "Imprisoned abroad"), "Preso en el Extranjero" (Eng. They tried to squeeze Fainberg to get Seidle. : "Arrested Abroad"), " " (Eng. Pregnant In Prison + Struggling single mom Melanie is caught smuggling heroin. ! : "Banged up abroad"), "Zatoeni u inozemstvu" (Eng. See All. All was revealed when this great episode went out on air in February 2020. Freshen up your watchlist with Prime Videos latest roster of streaming movies and TV shows. Travelling magician Mark Greening juggled a young family with a budding hash-smuggling business after moving to Japan but he soon got caught. So, he becomes an informer to reduce his sentence. A broke young Londoner gets an exciting offer to work in his dad's bar in Thailand. Eventually he becomes a wanted man and goes on the run. A hit man has to choose between his family and the mob. In a back room, drug authorities found 10.5 kilos of heroin in his Henry Hill, the inspiration behind Martin Scorseses movie, relives his descent from Mafia wise guy to a spell in Terminal Island Penitentiary. Miami mobster Tony Galeota is framed and locked up in Panama. She loves it so much that when her money runs out, she overcomes her initial fears and hides 2 pounds of hashish in a statue, mailing it off to Europe to make some quick cash. . Essure Lawsuit Update 2019 Missouri, While in recovery she finds salvation. When some rebels turn in their weapons to Phil, the angry warlord goes on a violent rampage, and closes in on the UN team for revenge. After Chris Heifner is busted with marijuana, he is betrayed by his best friend. Steven Beatties Thai party lifestyle isnt cheap he smuggles hash to fund it but pays the ultimate price when hes locked up in Japan. All was revealed when this great episode went out on air in February 2020. Henry Hill, the inspiration for classic movie 'Goodfellas,' tells the complete true story of his rise and fall in the New York mob and the details of his life not included in Martin Scorsese's film. He was arrested with three friends at Sao Paulo airport. Erez and Reini are snatched by Colombian guerrillas, and grow more desperate as the months pass. On the last night of their vacation they are kidnapped at gunpoint by Abu Sayyaf, a terrorist organisation. In a few of the cases, at the end of the episode, the convicted are shown sitting with hand-cuffs on if they are still in jail. Hell stop at nothing to get his man, but when tragedy strikes, vengeance takes hold, and he makes a fatal mistake that tears his world apart. But a run-in with the Peruvian police sends him to a prison called 'House of the Devil.' Now the New Yorker's career is stalling and he wants to break into America, but he needs to raise funds to promote himself. Blackmailed by two cops, a drug dealer goes undercover. Faced with a lifetime behind bars for his involvement, he has no choice but to go undercover for the RCMP, wearing a wire to collect confessions from his fellow conspirators. Locked up in one of the world's worst prisons, Tony has to prove his innocence and attempt an audacious escape. Out of work and out of money - an offer of $10,000 for running cocaine from Panama looks like a way out. She moves from Philadelphia to Miami with her six-year-old daughter. Martial-arts expert and smuggler Chris Chance is caught in a police ambush, and must abandon his wife to spend years in a Spanish prison. news. Ryan Phillips leaves hockey to become a marijuana smuggler. Gordon Malloch's bootleg booze racket fuelled a party lifestlye in Saudi Arabia, until he got caught and found himself facing four years in jail. Clare travels to India, but when money gets tight, she sends hash illegally to Europe in the mail. After getting caught, she is forced to overcome her demons in a tough jail. It opens with an excellent hook: the . : "Locked Up Abroad"), "B Qun Thc Nc Ngoi" (Eng. Struggling single mom Melanie Di Egidio risks all in exchange for a quick buck, but when the plan goes wrong Melanie is busted with 6 kilos of heroin, caught up in a high-profile sting, and sent to a tough Ecuadorian prison. A friend tricks Zoe McGarry into traveling with a bag full of coke. He and his unit are ambushed, and he is sent to the notorious Maktab Al Nasser Prison. 2013-05-28T23:00:00Z 45 mins; 159. Can he prove his innocence and escape? Kijk mee met de verhalen van twee feestbeesten die totaal aan de grond zitten en hopen dat ze hun problemen kunnen oplossen door het smokkelen van cocane. Company director Robert Pringle got seven years in a violent South American lock-up after being pressured into drug smuggling by his dealer. The only way out is to risk his life and go undercover for the FBI to take them down. There he picks up 7 pounds (3.2 kilos) of cocaine carried in cans of hairspray. Episode 7: British Columbia/Washington/King of Weed. Shooting On for One Strange Rock Season 02 at Foz do Iguau. A 70s hippie and his naive pal are small time dealers selling hash to Boston college kids, until they get approached by a Colombian cartel keen to use their skills. Iraqi soldier Latif Yahia is fighting in the Iran-Iraq War when he is summoned to the palace where, Latif claims Saddam Hussein's eldest son demanded Latif become his body double. All rights reserved. 2. Erez and Reini are snatched by Colombian guerrillas, and grow more desperate as the months pass. Christina spirals into addiction but sees a way out. Behind-the-scenes information; Tony Galeota is framed in Panama City. : "Travels turned to nightmare"), "orkirani u inostranstvu" (Eng. : "Nightmare beyond borders"), " " (Eng. When young actor Erik Aude discovers that he was tricked into smuggling opium out of Pakistan, he has to fight to clear his name and stay alive. Drug runner Chris Heifner turns informant. Season 3 Episode Guide. During the Persian Gulf War of 1990, Tom Lynch and John White made a daring escape attempt from the oil field where they were working, to avoid becoming human shields. Steven Beattie's Thai party lifestyle isn't cheap, so he smuggles hash to fund it, for which he pays the ultimate price when he's locked up in Japan. Jimmy Bauer is on the cusp of breaking into the music industry and only one thing stands in his way. For $1,000 a trip, Tim arranged fake marriages with Thai girls and flew with them to other countries. Unarmed and fearing for his life, he decides his only chance for survival is to make a daring escape through the jungle. Matthew VanDyke was captured by Qaddafi's men. But when he gets arrested by two cops, to his surprise, they don't want him in jail, they want him to sell drugs for their profit. U.S. A stripper makes an insane prison escape in Peru; a group of friends make an epic bid to dig a tunnel out of a Mexican prison in the '70s. Gunshots flashed like fireworks in the darkness. Episode 8. Hide all | try. A man buys illegal drugs in Mexico with counterfeit money. But when he arrives, he soon discovers a world of temptation that he can't resist, breaking his father's golden rule and driving them apart. Naval Officer Lemar Burton's attempts at survival. Struggling single mom-of-three agreed to smuggle cocaine. A drug courier is tricked; a teen moves drugs from Colombia. But theres a catch - she must take her daughter as cover to reduce suspicion. Texan Carlos Quijas is a happy, family man, whose girlfriend Anna is expecting their first child. Discover the engineering secrets of massive machines A wild male king cobra is pictured in close-up during Dwayne Fields walks through the oasis. A young mom addicted to crack takes her child on a risky smuggling job. There is no Audience Score because there are not enough user ratings at this time. [inappropriate external link?] Where to Watch. However once in the middle of an inhospitable desert a betrayal between the two men occurred and they were captured by the Mukhabarat, Saddams infamous and terrifying secret police force, and plunged into a brutal world of torture and execution. Over the ensuing months he sinks deeper into the hell of the Venezuelan penal Greg Williams travelled to the Philippines in 1996 in the hope of turning his life around as a church volunteer. Live TV. Episode 1 - S10 E1 - Undercover Biker. . Davon soon finds himself enslaved by the corrupt cops' greed. An early escape attempt ended in disaster when he crashed through a roof into a secure lunatic asylum. In 1993, Martin Garnett is already earning good money, but he's hungry for more. : "Banged up abroad"), "T arrestuar jasht shtetit" (Eng. Thinking this is easy money, he asks for a bigger job. When he got to Quito, he was told he'd need to cut his dreadlocks. S12 E3 - Declassified: Double Cross Dope Deal. English nursing student Lucy Wright also attempts to smuggle cocaine to pay her debts, but ends up facing 16 to 25 years in Argentina after being busted. Former soldier turns to smuggling drugs after battling PTSD. Unemployed Michael Singh tries cocaine smuggling to make money. But he was too shell-shocked to take up his attorney's offer for a ride to a nice hotel. British student accused of smuggling cocaine forced to flee. In the mid-1990s, Fainberg attempted to purchase a Soviet diesel submarine for use in drug smuggling for a Colombian cocaine cartel. But it soon comes crumbling down around him. When Susan Haglof forged a birth certificate after a shady adoption in Egypt, she faced the possibility of being imprisoned and losing her baby.

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