Widya Sesarika: Ramadan Old Memories Never Fade


Soloevent.id – Have you known Widya Sesarika yet? She is an influencer from Solo. This 1992-born woman has been in the online shop business since 2011. Now, Sesa (her nickname) has a fairly well-known clothing brand, Steddystore.

Being a fashion entrepreneur with many customers certainly makes her more bustling. The moment of Ramadan and ahead of Eid as it is today can be a blessing for her. Sales turnover is more increased.

However, on the one hand, Sesa also wants to find more inner calm during Ramadan to improve her worship. When met by Soloevent, Sesa also shared stories about some sweet memories as a child during Ramadan. “Given that Ramadan’s early childhood was more lively and could be freer,” she said.

In Ramadan, the most awaited Sesa is togetherness at the moment of sahur and breaking the fast with family or friends. Ramadan also often becomes a gathering place for fashion entrepreneurs by holding charity and social services.