Teater Sopo Fisip UNS Bikin Bikin XX


The 20th BIKIN – BIKIN theatrical performance held by the SOPO FISIP UNS Theater, will be held on March 24-25 2014. Placed at the FISIP UNS Hall, the plan for the next two days the theater will feature 4 repertoires.

Enlivened by the appearance of the work of Abirama Setiadi, Hendro Prabowo, Reza Kurnia Darmawan, Alif Pandu Wirawan, and Reni, it is hoped that this can increase the appreciation of art and culture. Tickets can be obtained at the SOPO Theater Secretariat or at the Public Space Theater SOPO FISIP UNS stand. Get the ticket right away! Culture Greetings!


Date: March 24-25 2014

Time: 19.30 WIB

Place: Hall of FISIP UNS

Details: First Day (March 24, 2014)

  1. “INNER” by Abirama Setiadi
  2. “WAREHOUSE” by Hendro Prabowo

Second Day (March 25, 2014)

  1. “NOW” by Reza Kurnia Darmawan
  2. “KIDUNG ALIT” by Alief Pandu Wirawan and Reni

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