SBC is a Beast!

209 – The Solo Batik Carnival always soak by the Grand Carnival. Here, participants will walk about 3.8 kilometers from Radya Pustaka Museum to Surakarta City Hall.

Guess what? The Solo Batik Carnival costume weighs a ton! Based on Ragowo Ade Kurniawan, the carnival coordinator explained it reached 50 kilograms. It made from iron frames. It used to support the costume weight.

“The iron-used had an advantage for bearing the wind to hold costume height which reaches three meters,” said Ade in a talk show on Radio Sevent, Saturday (07/13/2019).

Ade added that costumes for this event made by the participants. It took around four months to make it. The participants also attended workshops every week during the manufacturing process. Ade said SBC wants its participants to have a bunch of creativity to make their costumes.

The carnival costumes spend one million Rupiah as a minimum. “Their creativity makes it look expensive, don’t they?” he explained.

What makes SBC costumes different from other carnival costumes?

Batik is the point. “Even the motives and theme change through years,” Ade added.

This year, Solo Batik Carnival 2019 will carry Suvarnabhumi: The Golden of ASEAN as the theme. Southeast Asia characteristic will adorn the costumes.

Eleven groups performed at the Grand Carnival SBC 2019 on 27 July. They are “Wonderful Indonesia”, “The Green Heart of Brunei”, “Kay Ganda Philippines”, “Kingdom of Wonder Cambodia”, “Be Accented Myanmar”, “Malaysia Truly Asia”, “Vietnam Timeless Charm”, “Great Adventure Timor Leste “,” Simply Beautiful Laos “,” Uniquely Singapore “, and” Amazing Thailand “.