Ramadan Moment in Solo


Soloevent.id – Laweyan residents enthusiastically welcomed Ramadan. During Ramadan 1440 H, they held a Kampoeng Ramadan Laweyan. The event opened on Saturday (05/04/2019), marked by the Kirab Tarhib.

Kirab Tarhib began with a procession from Laweyan’s Hadrah Muslimah group, Indonesian Youth Organization, Laweyan Children’s Forum, a small drum band group from SD N Sayangan Laweyan, then representatives of RT and RW in Laweyan Village. The caravan was running from Al Khirmani-Jl. Dr. Radjiman-Jl. Tiga Negeri-Jl. Sidoluhur and ends at the Al Khirmani Mosque.

The carnival participants carry attributes of Ramadan. For example, posters tell about fasting and doing a good thing during Ramadan. Along the caravan route, the participants echoed the prayer.

Kirab Tarhib is just the opening. There are many events that will be held at Kampoeng Ramadan Laweyan. This year’s Kampoeng Ramadan Laweyan program is slightly different from last year because there will be more takjil markets. The competitions also vary.

Laweyan Village Chief Yuyuk Yuniman said that Kampoeng Ramadan Laweyan is an annual routine agenda. “It aims to enliven Ramadan and can improve the economy of Batik Laweyan Village,” he said. This event was opened by the Deputy Mayor of Surakarta Achmad Purnomo.

Kampoeng Ramadan Laweyan was held from 9-29 May 2019. Many activities will be carried out, such as the Takjil Ramadan Market, Ngabuburit, breaking fast together, decorating the village, Children Competition, the Al-qur’an Reading Contest, and Tabligh Akbar.