Pamer Bojo in Netherlands Taste

162 – Ciao Lucifer is touring in Indonesia. Solo is one of the cities for them.

On June 27, Marnix Dorrestein (vocals, guitar) and Willem Wits (vocals, drums) held a show in Yogyakarta. They performed at monthly jazz music. Surprisingly, Ciao Lucifer brought Pamer Bojo song by Didi Kempot. Their video was viral on social media.

“The event management said that the song is famous, so we sang it. I had a bad pronunciation in Indonesian/Javanese so still messy tho. In the future, I can sing in the right pronounce,” Marnix said with a laugh.

This-Amsterdam-Duo took 12 days to learn Pamer Bojo. They combined it with their music. “We made it like a mash-up, a combination of works from two different countries,” Willem said on Monday (1/7/2019).

In Solo, Ciao Lucifer will perform at Lokananta. The event will also light up by bands from Solo, Teori, and electronic groups from Bandung, Bottlesmoker. Join Ciao Lucifer on Wednesday (03/07/2019) at Lokananta at 7:30 p.m for free.

After this, Marnix and Willem immediately fly to Jakarta for preparing their final performance in Indonesia at the Erasmus Huis office.