Ni Wayan Ratrina: Enjoy Your Job

378 – Do a job that makes you happy. Ni Wayan Ratrina does it for her career. Since 2015, the woman who called Ina occupied as Public Relations at the Solo Grand Mall.

Previously, Ina entered the journalism field. After completing her studies at D3 Broadcast, she became a reporter in a local newspaper. But, she resigned after three months for continuing her study.

However, Ina never stopped working in the media. From the newspaper, she moved to the radio for a year. Then she worked in the television industry for five years.

The woman born in Solo finally ended her career as a journalist. End of 2015, Ina tied to Solo Grand Mall as a Public Relations (PR). The reason was she already has children, so she needs a proper time to work.

“I always enjoy my work, so I took five years in the television industry. After married and have kids, I have to find another job to manage my time,” said the Communication Science alumni of the Sebelas Maret University in Surakarta July 10, 2019.

Experienced as a journalist, it turned out to benefit as a Public Relations. Sometimes, Ina managed on the Economy-Business rubric. So, she can undoubtedly answer all the questions from reporters. “The questions are pretty simple to answer,” she said.

She already is in reporter’s shoes. “In the past, when I was a journalist, I often chased PR to ask for information or statements, now it is my turn to be chased,” she said.