Keroncong Hype the Archipelago

467 – Solo Keroncong Festival 2019 held on Friday-Saturday (26-27/7/2019) at the Surakarta City Hall. Raising the Warna-Warni Keroncong Nusantara #2 as a theme, this event featured Keroncong musicians from various regions.

There are ten performers. It follows Keroncong Porsiba Orchestra (Tanjung Enim), UPI (Bandung) Student Group, Tjong Young Gita Citra Alam (Demak), Keroncong Swastika Orchestra (Solo), Central Java BPD, Youth Pillar School (Cibubur), Keroncong Orchestra De Poespo (Jakarta), Keroncong Nuswa Orchestra (Solo), Keroncong Sekoja Orchestra (Karanganyar), Keroncong Orchestra Puspa Arum (Solo), and Keroncong Muda Orchestra (Solo).

As a theme raise, the audience was invited to enjoy the richness of Keroncong music combined with the culture of each region. For example, O.K. Porsiba combines Keroncong with Malay music or O.K. Astra Jingga from UPI Bandung wrap performances with Sundanese dance.

That night, the audience joined in and drifted together. Never assume that Keroncong only listens to older people because many young people come to the Solo Keroncong Festival.

Head of Surakarta City Culture Service Kinkin Sultanul Hakim said Keroncong music is one of the traditional musical cultures produced by the ancestors. “Keroncong music is a copyrighted work of the nation which accompanies the nation’s warriors, one of them is Gesang’ work,” he said in remarks on Friday.

On the last day, there was a special performance from Dorce Gamalama and Waldjinah who sang a song Gesang.

The festival also enlivened with a typical Solo culinary bazaar and contemporary culinary.