Hartono Mall Solo Agenda in Ramadan 1440 H


Soloevent.id – Hartono Mall Solo will hold many events in this Ramadan. The annual event is Ngabuburit Asyik. This event supported by Badan Wakaf Al Quran and Hijrah Community Soloraya and it will be held on 5, 6, 7, 9, 14, 20, 21, 23, 27, 28 and 30 May 2019 at Hartono Mall Solo Atrium.

It consists of religious speech and sharing knowledge. The first event already held on 5 May 2019 with Ustaz Doni Riwayanto (ex-musician of underground) as a speaker. On 23 May, there will be a guest, Ustaz Ransi Al Indragiri (national dai/Ustaz millennial from Riau, Halaqah Joss Yogyakarta Instructor) and performance from Ajisaka Acoustic.

It was not a religious event only Hartono Mall Solo also offered Young Da’i competition on 12 May. It was following by children from Solo. There was also a fashion show from Duta Wisata Cilik Sukoharjo. This event series was for welcoming Ramadan 1440 H.

In the last of Ramadan, there will be Late Nite Sale Ramadan. It will hold on 31 May 2019 and you will get a discount of up to 70% in every tenant of Hartono Mall Solo. Follow this program and get a grand prize. Just exchange the payment bill with minimum voice IDR 150.000,-. It opens around 9.00-11.00 p.m. So, if you are discounts hunter, grab it fast!

Do you wanna come to another event? Here they are, Fashion Show Ramadhan (5-7 May 2019), Donor Darah by FGBMFI & BAGKS (12 May 2019), Cinta Anak Yatim by Solo Peduli (14 May 2019), Ngabuburit with Body and Mind (15 & 22 May 2019), SMI Ramadan Festival (16 & 19 May 2019), Umroh Travel Fair 2019 (24 & 26 May 2019), and Ramadan Coffe Festival (30 May-9 June).

Besides that, Hartono Mall Solo also offers free takjil start on 7 May-4 June. It delivers every day. You can find it in the West lobby (in front of KFC) and North lobby (In front of the receptionist). “The takjil menu is always chance. The takjil is given by tenants of Hartono Mall Solo,” said Marketing Communication Hartono Mall Solo, Elfizia Carina.