Franky Kurniawan: Culinary Made it

694 – Hobby into a business?  Why not? Franky Kurniawan made it. He is the owner of Kampoeng Cahaya Resto, a restaurant located at Jl. Widoro Kandang, Kratonan, Serengan, Solo. Established on August 8, 2018, this restaurant serves authentic Indonesian menus, for example, gecok, empal rice, ketoprak Jakarta, es pisang ijo, and more.

Franky passion is working in the culinary field. It was his dream. “When I was kid, I like to cook,” he said for Radio Sevent on Wednesday (6/26/2019).

The man born in Solo, July 18, 1994, continued his career as a chef. However, because his family has a background as a businessman, his parents direct him to walk on the same path.

“After finishing college, I had an idea to combine culinary and business. Finally, this restaurant open,” explained the alumni of Banking and Finance University of London, Singapore. Franky had never studied as a chef. But his passion for the culinary dared him to open the restaurant.

Kampoeng Cahaya Resto proves his love and concern for Indonesian cuisine. Even Western or Korean culinary has risen, he wants Indonesian food to be a winner in its country.

Franky hopes Kampoeng Cahaya Resto can be choices as culinary place.