Footage of Costumes Solo Batik Carnival XI

577 – Hartono Mall Solo Baru VIP parking page looks more crowded than usual. There was the Nusantara Sate Festival also a second pre-event of Solo Batik Carnival (SBC) XI on Saturday (05/12/2018).

In the midst of the roar of satay, visitors had the opportunity to see footage of costumes that the SBC XI participants would wear on the upcoming D-day.

After the performance of the Swarimba and Saman dance groups, the fashion show began with the display of costumes in previous years and continued with footage of nine types of SBC XI defiles. In this second pre-event the participants wore batik accents and head ornaments that depicted local wisdom in each region.

The fashion show begins with the defile of Jawa Dwipa batik (Central Java), Nagari Minangkabau (West Sumatra), Lenggang Batavia (Betawi), Dayak Borneo (East Kalimantan), Mappalili Mamiri (South Sulawesi), Janger Dewata (Bali), Sasando Timor (NTT ), Tana Sajojo (Papua), and Ika Paramartha.

These costumes became the embodiment of “Ika Paramartha”, the theme raised at the eleventh Solo Batik Carnival. The theme is taken from Sanskrit, namely Bhineka and Paramartha, which means good things that unite us.

The theme was raised to respond to the conditions of intolerance that befell Indonesia, where diversity should be a unifying, not a divisive one.

Solo Batik Carnival XI will be held five days, 11-15 July 2018. On 11-14 there will be an exhibition at Vastenburg Fortress. The Grand Carnival will be held on July 15, with the route Sriwedari-Benteng Vastenburg Stadium.