Five Cities with The Longest Time of Ramadan

109 – Similar to the previous year, majority of the Muslim World, located in the Northern Hemisphere, Ramadan falls just before summer months this year.

This means that the fasting hours in the North Hemisphere this year will be longer than others.

Check out the five cities in the Northern Hemisphere with the longest time between the Fajr and Maghrib prayers at the start of Ramadan

  1. Murmansk, Rusia

Murmansk has the 20 hours 45 minutes duration for fasting and the night as little as 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Then, every Muslim who lives there should experience it.


  1. Lulea, Sweden

Lulea has 19 hours 43 minutes for fasting. The city located on the northern coast of Sweden for much of summer the day might be longer than the night.


  1. Reykjavik, Islandia

Reykjavik is by far the largest municipality in Iceland and as well the capital city of the country. It is located in the coastal area. Reykjavik is a city with the third longest fasting duration which is for 19 hours 26 minutes.


  1. Oslo, Norway

Oslo is Norway’s capital experiences 18 hours 43 minutes for fasting.


  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Located on the coast, the Danish capital has the fifth-longest duration of Ramadan fasting in 2019, which is 18 hours 12 minutes.


For some of you who live in Indonesia, you must be familiar with the duration of fasting in your own country. During Ramadan, you usually have to fast for about 13 hours and 23 minutes such as ideal time for fasting.

Interested in trying to fast for 18-20 Hours?