Elizabeth Sudira Writes “Sukaria” Song


Soloevent.id – In every edition Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) always has a mascot.  This year, Putri Solo in 2010  become the SIPA 2019 mascot.

She brought in a press conference on Monday (17/6/2019) at Ndalem Mloyokusuman, Baluwarti, Pasar Kliwon. Eliz is one of the famous MCs and singer in Solo. “Rindu Solo” is her work as a singer. Some days, she also released her second single Bukan Main-Main.

Eliz is SIPA MC for seven years. The girl born on January 19, 1991, was shocked when Mrs. Ira said that she wouldn’t be an MC at SIPA this year. “Perhaps, I should take reflection with what I have done when becoming an MC. Then, she continued, I wouldn’t be an MC, but as SIPA 2019 mascot,” Eliz said happily.

Feeling happy to be Mascot of SIPA 2019 inspire Eliz to write a song entitled Sukaria. Eliz said that this song is reflecting about SIPA.

“Dance and art have a spirit of happiness and peace. Art is a universal language to unite human being,” She said. Sukaria compiles many kinds of music genre, such as electronic dance, classic electronic, and ethnical music.

It premiere on the first day of SIPA 2019. The SIPA 2019 will be the music video background. It will be released in August 2019.

SIPA 2019 will be held on September, 5-7 at Benteng Vastenburg. “Art as Social Action” is SIPA 2019 theme.